What the hell is this?


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I was gear browsing last night and randomly saw this come up at a silly price, obviously needs a bit of TLC.

It's got Hayman fittings apart from the Premier tom mount (which wasn't an uncommon mod to Haymans as the tom mounts were crap!) Slot key tuning too. Originally I thought hello we've got a Hayman Iceberg here (rare as rocking horse sh*t) that nobody knows about but from what online research I've done they only made a few in clear.

What's confusing me is nobody would make a custom build with slot key tuning rods and Hayman fittings?!?

Can anyone shed any light on this?


I'd hit it

No helpful information though unfortunately lol, sorry. I did record with that same model of snare and it's fantastic! One thing I always suggest you look at before buying any acrylic drums (even new ones) are the shells themselves. Check the seams for splitting/cracking, check all drilled areas (lugs, tom mounts, etc) for cracks/spiderwebs/etc, and check the bearing edges for dents/cracks/chips. If that's all sound... Scoop it up.
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The lugs on the toms and bass remind me of vintage Camcos.


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Hayman would be my guess, but I know very little about their acrylic drums other than they made some acrylic drums. I can't believe someone would have retrofit Hayman hardware onto new shells, so they must be Hayman, right?


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The rare Hayman Iceberg acrylics, mounts modded yes. Google images.
Missing a floor tom hoop. And somebody please tighten that bass drum reso head.