What stand do i have

I recently acquired a (drum) stand, one I don't know what it's for, it's made by Ludwig no serial numbers on it, it extends vertically mb 36 inches total,it has a Male center threaded screw, mb like an 8-32 or similar, and it has a basket with 4 arms, non adjustable, 2 of the arms are closer together width wise than the other 2.cllosest I got was it's a glockenspiel stand, from someone selling a snare drum stand,I believe on reverb, than the title said mislabeled it's actually a glockenspiel stand,I just can't see how this thing would work for anything, interesting to say the least, I'll see if I can attach photo, and the beat goes on....


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Yeah, a picture would go a long way, but it does sound like a stand for orchestra bells.

I use imgbb for photohosting but you can also attach small photos directly in the reply box.


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I'm going with xylophone stand. I really have no idea, but I do know that a xylophone is wider at one end than the other, and lays flat. This stand fits both criteria.
Yeah Winston you nailed it,,,great looking out..that's exactly what I have (had) I sharpened my grinding wheel on the middle stud, now it will hold a 14 inch snare , practice pad, flower pot , or whatever..i seen it for $5.00 I knew I could use if for something, thanks man