What sports do You play?


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I was always interested in what the DW dudes (and dudettes) do to relax
I play tennis/squash, a bit of football (soccer) and used to play rugby when i was younger


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Except from drumming (which is a sports to some degree IMO) I'm doing running (with idle periods) and weight training (even more idle periods). The runs are typically 4-10 km, I'm in the process of building a minimum basis. I would extend the distance. 1-2 years ago I did some training semi-marathons in under 2 hrs. That's out of my reach ATM but I might get back there this year. My maximum distance ever run was 27 km. (I was doing athletics in my youth for several years, with a focus on distances like 800m and 1.000m).

As to weight training: I'm doing this at home, it's not a "heavy duty" training but with moderate weights. But not too often. Both weight training and running can interfere with practicing drums (as in my case, doing a lot of double bass) so I have to control the strain on my ankles/tendons.


Golf, Bowling (10pin), Motorcycle riding, hiking and want to try climbing this year.


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squash & indoor climbing


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Does Modern Warfare 3 on Playstation 3 count? All jokes aside, 10 pin bowling, hockey, baseball and flag footbal league.


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I'm just about completely inactive now a days! I wrestled in high school...which was 12 years ago at this point.

I golf occasionally, but that's hardly a sport. I walk the dog and we'll occasionally make that walk a jog.


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I used to compete in Soccer, Track and Field, Swimming and Diving. I have coached and refereed, Swimming, Soccer, Track and Field, Basketball, and baseball. All of this because I have a teaching degree in Physical Education. The only thing I run now is the vacuum cleaner.


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The first and only time I went skiing 20 years ago, I tore my knee up so badly that I have had trouble walking ever since. I can walk the dog but that's about it. Even then I have to really watch where I step. I have to stop and turn my body to change direction. I can't twist and change direction at all. I have fallen down in the grocery store just reaching for the peas! I try to get on an excercise bike, but between being busy and lazy it doesn't happen often.


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yeah i used to play rugby union at under 13 i was pretty good, did my shoulder in during a scrum though and decided it wasn't worth playing anymore haha
screw league!

i'm not surprised by how many people here lift weights, i totally agree with how it makes you feel! right now i'm on a massive new years cut after bulking, i enjoy it way too much!