What size drum sticks for a 12 Yr old?


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Just got my nephew a snare drum.

Want to get the sticks too. He is 12 going on 13. I know when I started (at 11) I used a bigger stick.

thought I'd put this to all of you who teach. What is the best size stick for my nephew?



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Try a 7A nylon tip. I find that the smaller diameter lessens the chance of the fulcrum slipping. If his hands are a bit big for his age, try a 5A.

I suggest nylon tip for younger students because the tip will last longer, especially if he ends up hitting a few rims by accident.



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I started playing around 10 years old myself. My first pair were Vic Firth SD1s that I had for 9 years until someone stole them. It's a shame, I planned on saving them... I believe my second pair was 5As when started drum set playing about a year later. That pair lasted several years too finally just becoming unusable. Really the issue would be deciding a length.... I'd look for something 16" or longer though as these are much nicer for those of us who still like the extra reach no matter how old we get