What should I sell!?


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Hi all... Some of you may remember me. It's been a while! Busy with school/work/life etc.

Anyway... I've got too many drums. I would like to sell some of them. I come here not to sell them to you (although, if you're interested, PM me), but rather to ask you to help me decide which of the following kits to sell!

All opinions are appreciated.

1. Blue Sparkle 60's Ludwig 13/16/22/14 (matching snare). All in very good shape. I overpaid for it to begin with.

2. Champagne Sparkle 60's Ludwig 13/16/22 (no snare). Good shape, 2 extra holes in the bass drum. NBD. A product of my love for champagne sparkle... If I was to sell it I would eventually get another one in different sizes (like 12/14/20).

3. White Marine Pearl '58 Slingerland 13/16/22. Somewhat pieced together, though all real Slingerland parts from the 50s. Put a lot of work into this one. Looks really nice, could look even better with a little restoration.

or 4. Start piecing out my 2000's Pearl Session Custom kit for probably pennies on what I paid for it. That said, it's like a 12 piece kit that's in really good shape.

Anyway.. I'm torn. I could do anywhere from one to three of the options, but I'm trying to sell them before I NEED the money.. so I'm not desperate and willing to throw them to the first bidder.


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How much for the Ludwig blue sparkle or the Slingerland kit? Thanks.


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Since 1, 2, and 3 are the same sizes I'd sell 2. Like you said you want different sizes.

I'd personally get rid of the 12 piece, but then again I like 4 piece kits. If that was a custom order for you, and you love that then keep it if you won't be happy with the price they'd bring.


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I would keep the vintage kit since they are hard to find.


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Since you like champagne sparkle, and you also want a 12/14/20, I'd sell the blue sparkle and WMP, and buy a 12/14/20 champagne sparkle with the same badge. That way, you can mix and match to your heart's content. I did that with Ludwig silver sparkle kits, although I've never used more than a 4-piece on a gig yet...


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First, ask yourself ... which one do I play the most?​
That's the one I'd keep.​
Then sell off the others.​
None of these kits are irreplaceable.​