What should I do?

Hey guys!

Well as time is passing, I find myself thinking about the future of my music. I'm wondering about what I'm going to do in the future. My original plan was to get a little bop kit and take a few stands and cymbals to college with me for gigging (I'd take the pedal and cymbals from home and school) as well as a practice pad set if I can get one to just practice more quietly. Recently, I've been deciding which to do. I know I'm going to take a kit with me, but I want it to be smaller to fit under my dorm bed. So I only have about 20" of space.

Currently my kit is a 5 piece Pearl Vision in Burl Walnut Fade and have 10x8, 12x9, 16x16, and 22x18 sizes. I'm debating basically of which I should get: 8x7 rack, 14x14 floor tom, and 20x18 bass (I would take the 12x9, 14x14, and 20x18) or a Gretsch Catalina Jazz. I really would like both, but it's not really plausible for me.

I really want something that I don't have to frequently haul to and from the campus. Which is why I think I'm leaning towards the Jazz but, I'm going to order the 14x14 relatively soon anyways and I'm thinking that it would be easier to just order all of the add-ons I want for about the same price as the Jazz.

Thoughts? I'm only a sophomore, but I need to go ahead and start saving for whatever I'll be getting.