What other forums do you enjoy, not music-related

The Trading Card Database
Sports Card Forum
DW forum and with some trepidation Facebook-there are some great groups (like the DW FB group is mostly great) on there but in general it's a cesspool of misinformation/bullcrap. I've looked at other drum forums but for some reason I feel some loyalty to the DW forum-though I'm not naive it's reciprocated. Sword of Damocles is always hanging by a thread.
I’ve been on Talkbass since the dawn of time. Facebook is a nightmare designed to programmatically stoke hatred and the destruction of a healthy society. I get my online social activity on Mastodon (similar to twitter) and Pixelfed (similar to instagram), which have no central owner or controlling corporation, and no algorithms. No system feeding you rage bait for hate clicks. The key is good human moderation. I keep coming back to DW because it seems to have better moderation than DFO and other drum forums.
I am not on any other forums, these days.

In the past I was very active on a shooting forum and on a traditional archery forum, but both of those have fallen by the wayside.

Drumming is the only thing that keeps me coming back for more.