What makes an adorable drummer?


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So yeah, what makes an adorable drummer?

I play hard rock/rock n roll, but I guess it was kind of a general question.

I'd also like to know what makes an adorable rock n roll drummer.

Thanks people


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I'm thinking toddlers are adorable ,or small pets, not rock drummers.
That pretty well sums up my answer as well

Unless you mean adorable in the sens of a drummer who you adore for their playing or makes a rock drummer desirable to have in a band.


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Either the OP meant to say "admirable" drummer, or this is the most idiotic thread I've ever seen on DW.


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Sometimes you guys just miss the humor.

OP: I get it.
Now that I've gone back and looked at the OP of the "What makes a great drummer" thread, I get it.

So... what makes an incandescent drummer?
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My profile is available and if anyone has questions just let me know. Frankly I think you're just born with it.