What makes a beavertail lug?


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My old Rogers swivo/Holiday drum set had beavertail lugs. I used to think that the term "beavertail" described only the Rogers lug of that time period. Recently I've been reading about Slingerland beavertails and Anchor drums using beavertail-style lugs. So my question to y'all is, What makes a lug a beavertail? What are the features, style, or look that make a lug a beavertail?


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The beavertail lug were used by Leedy,Rogers,Slingerland and actually Tama.They all look different but the trait they share is that they step taper gradually either verticly or horizontally or both.I suppose that fits a few lugs but no one except collectors ever applied the term,which is a nickname only.

Steve B