What made you want to start drumming?

It was the stop/start riff at the start that got me. How did he know how long to wait for during the pause? That was a huge source of mystery and wonder. Ditto 'War pigs'.
WLOR has a great intro! The live version has some chanting from the audience which makes it seem 'off' but Phil Rudd kept the beat perfectly.

War Pigs is a great song, requires tempo restraint at the beginning. It's a lot of fun to play, and the lyrics are worth understanding as well. I always wondered why they sped up the ending 2-3x...did they screw up the last 4 bars and decide to mask it with speed?
As a child at around 6 or 7 my brother and me were watching the local marching band passing by our house on the yearly riflemen's festival. I already went to early musical education at the local music school. We were fascinated by the drum line but were both too small to carry around such a huge drum. So after two years watching the spectacle we joined the band starting with playing the cross flute. But as we grow old enough to be able to carry a snare (maybe 8 yrs) we changed to the drum line immediately.

Edit: Correction. I went to early education at 4, switched to recorder at 5 and started piano lessons at 6.
I fell in love with music through my ears first, via 45's. If you can imagine a 2 YO who poops his diapers....but can play 45 records all afternoon and fall asleep to it...that's me. The drums sounded the most interesting to me. I could never quite put my finger on them. Pitched notes, melodies, harmonies were great and all, but I felt I could really sink my baby teeth into those ambiguous sounding drums.

The first kit I actually saw in person was my cousin's Ringo kit. 1966 or so.

Cue the Angels
My very very first influence was Ringo too, I had my Beatles records and listening to them at 5 years old, maybe even a bit younger.

I wanted to play the drums, not the guitar, not the bass, not the signing, the drums, that was crystal clear.


My father is still unhappy about this, he thinks a drummer is not a real musician. He wanted to play guitar.. but picked the bass like my grandfather.. instead and today he still trying to convert me to the guitar, it's never going to happen.

On the side of my mom they all play the guitar and my mom is unhappy because I practice Jazz on the drums instead of the music she likes.

My answer to them: They should practice more of their respective instruments. :cool:
Lit The first album I begged my parents to buy me was James Brown's Cold Sweat. There was a picture of him on the cover from a live show where he's got the cape on. That was such a great shtick - collapsing on the stage and the guy drapes the cape over him to lead him off, then he throws the cape off and starts screaming and gyrating again. I related to the rhythm of that music. Still do.

Literally listened to that song all the way home from work. I’m starting to work on that beat, after getting Funky Drummer more or less good
-my Older Cousin
-John bonham
-when. I realized guitar wasn’t for me
Its hard to pinpoint what exactly drove me to drums, as I feel I was always drawn to them, but I do specifically remember when I was around 11 or 12, two tunes with their corresponding video clips on MTV that cinched it for me...Shout by Tears For Fears and Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid, both in 1984. Both heavily featuring the cliché tom fills from high to low...the raw power and simplicity of those fills just triggered all the right things for me.

Phil Collins really became a hero for me from that point on. I remember my dad recording a live show for me from the radio (btw thx pops) where Phil played drums on an Eric Clapton concert along with Nathan East I believe, and I remember playing that cassette tape untill it literally gave out after a few years. By that time I had discovered him in Genesis and Brand X and that was all she wrote...
It was guitar that intrigued me initially and Ritchie Blackmore just floored me..(still does). I got drums first and it was cool..still kickin them today but deep deep down I'm a wanna be guitarist. I wanted to be the MUSIC..not the BEAT to it but here I am.
What made me start drumming?

I guess it was hearing and seeing drums and drummers. Grew up with music, always on in the house, and was always listening to everything, but when I became aware of drums and drumming as a thing I could aspire to, I did... it just took a little while for me to get my drums, that's all. :D