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I actually have one of those posters. :) Mine isn't a black light one, though.

Allegedly drawn by Big-Mouse-affiliated artist(s) for extra cash, it features most (if not all) of the big-D characters depicted doing "unsavory" activities... I've had it a very long time. I'd post a pic here, but the list of reasons not to is as long as one could imagine.
I have it rolled and waiting for framing. :D

edit- Posting the above made me do some research into the poster I have- I now have the title, the name of the artist, and an approximate value.
I definitely need to get it framed. :D

I think the chrome looks good on black and red. My red truck is an old 2003 with a lot of chrome-looks good.

You should have the chrome with an embedded holograph image of you-or better yet your moniker image on here.
You could put the "Mouse" in there but if you did I'd have him doing the dirty with Minnie. I remember he had nephews but he never had kids did he? Maybe he's sterile-he had to be trying even though they never married. I remember back in the 70s all the black light posters with Disney characters and psychedelic stuff-I can't imagine all that was with Disney permission. They were actually pretty cool posters as I recollect. So yeah I'd go with white LOL.
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You posted a pic before this thread of the mirror head - it looked superb in that shot with the mirror-black finish and chrome fittings!