What looks better?


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6 of one, half-dozen of the other. Chrome matches the hardware, white matches the tom & snare batters.


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White, then skyn, then chrome- no logos. ;)


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Chrome looks cool when it's pristine, but it shows up every little fingerprint, scratch, dent, dust, etc. which makes it look raggedy after awhile. You might take better care of your gear though.


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I think the chrome looks good on black and red. My red truck is an old 2003 with a lot of chrome-looks good.

You should have the chrome with an embedded holograph image of you-or better yet your moniker image on here.
You could put the "Mouse" in there but if you did I'd have him doing the dirty with Minnie. I remember he had nephews but he never had kids did he? Maybe he's sterile-he had to be trying even though they never married. I remember back in the 70s all the black light posters with Disney characters and psychedelic stuff-I can't imagine all that was with Disney permission. They were actually pretty cool posters as I recollect. So yeah I'd go with white LOL.

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White. Too much distraction with chrome. I dont like how it reflects everything. Ugly stage carpet? Ugly reso head.

Having a mirror in front takes away from the beauty of the drums by giving the viewer something else to focus on. I'm not a fan.
So, when you look in a mirror you see ugly relections?


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So, when you look in a mirror you see ugly relections?
Nope. Just dont like them on the front of a drum kit.

Dont need my kick drum to be the portal to some other dimensional horror show either. Didnt you know, mirrors are the doorways to hell.



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I catch people being mesmerized by my chrome Starfire reso. They zone out for a few seconds with a zombie look on their face. To me it looks like they are enjoying it.

Setting up on grass...it looks like there's grass growing inside the drum and a person has to figure that out for a second.

I like playing with peoples perceptions.

I'm the only guy I know in my local scene who gigs a Starfire, so there's that too. I actually LOVE the sound of the chrome, 10 mil, non ringed in any way...head. More than any other reso head, period. Remo actually says while describing their own head...."while not known for their sound"...I heartily disagree. Heartily.

It's crisp, just what I go for. Some reso heads sound like blankets to me.
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I’m torn between the Starfire chrome front head or the traditional white front head. What say you?

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The value of a mirror finish is directly proportional to the contents of its reflection.

On stage, with smoke, lights, and accompanying ballyhoo, the mirror will win hands down.

In a white room, with a beige carpet........

In addition, I feel that the port shatters the illusion of the mirror. To me, the illusion would be the entire point of owning a mirror reso.
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