What kit would you like to try that you've never played before?


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I wanted a Tempus kit (fiberglass) not carbon but my procrastination which is a HUGE problem of mine left me alone and lonely. At one point I wanted a sonor phonic kit..guess what happened?. I'll die! Wanting to try some new air fryer.

C.M. Jones

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Thank you for that kind offer man.

Where is your neck of the woods?

Why does roaming Buffalo remind me of Oklahoma?

I'm from Texas but reside in Minnesota now. My wife and I relocated up here about ten years ago, a move sparked by a professional opportunity that came her way. Fortunately, I'm a fan of extreme cold. If I weren't, life would be vicious. It's subzero right now. Most Texans would recoil from such temps, but I find the winter landscape quite pleasing.


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I want the kit Russ Kunkell recorded Linda Ronstadts Mad Love album on..the kit Robbie Bachmann recorded the tune down down on..the set Tommy Aldridge recorded Pat Travers Heat in the street on..AND..the kit Steve Smith recorded Don't stop believing on. I need to set up a roundtable with these drummers.


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I own a couple N&C kits ( CD Maples and Horizon) and have played the walnut and a Tulipwood kits , so that itch has been scratched .

I would like to try a Tama Star Bubinga kit . I have played the maple end walnut Tama Star kits - never the Bubinga .


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That's frequently confused me too, but I was given an astonishing explanation of such laziness once by someone in charge of a certain manufacturer's very large & expensive booth. I won't bother naming or describing the conversation in detail, but he effectively concluded that how the instrument actually sounds is lower down their average customer priority list compared to features, finishes, size options, & price.
So the wife is going to shop for a new car and then the salesman says “what kind of car are you looking for?” And she says “Do you have a red one?”


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As a kid I always wanted Ludwig and Sonor and have them now but if I got to play something I’ve never played it’s likely Noble & Cooley or maybe a craviotto or British Drum Company


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1) Kit I'd like to play and own: Tama Star bubinga

2) Kit I'd just like to play just for the hell of it: North drums. I always wanted to know what those crazy looking things sound like!.
I’ve played Gretsch USA’s for so long that I’m really wanting to try something new. I would love to hear Sonor’s SQ2 lines in person; especially the medium & heavy beech shells.


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Never tried an all-metal kit, though I’ve admired several by Q, Oriollo, and Schagerl. If I only had one to try though, it would be Alan Van Kleef’s cast bronze masterpiece.


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1) Kit I'd like to play and own: Outlaw Drum Company out of Georgia USA.
I've played one of their snares and fell in love with them. To own a whole kit made from a building that's been standing since the civil war would be a blessing. ?

2) Kit I'd just like to play just for the hell of it: The Tama Artstars used by Lars on the ...Justice tour.
I loved the power toms & black-on-white color scheme of that kit.


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Slingerland .
never even seen a set in person.
Tried all majors , several boutiques.
I’m sure there are a lot that I’ve never heard of.
Next time you're in ATL hit me up and you can try out my stepdad's 1963 Slingerland's with original hardware. Of course I don't live there and I'll have to clear it with him but it could be a party.