What Kit Do You Use?


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This Is My First Post, Just To Let You Know.

What Kit Do You Use?

My Kit:

Ludwig Element Charcoal Fade
Zildjian ZBT 14'' Hi Hats
Zildjian ZBT 16'' Rock Crash
Paiste PST 20" Medium Ride

I want to switch to all Paiste 2002 cymbals, but you know; Too Expensive.


Added Some Remo Roto Toms!
Replaced Heads With Vintage A!
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My best kit is a Catalina Club Jazz kit with a Mapex Saturn snare.


Cymbals (all Sabian)

AA Raw Bell Dry Ride 21" (bought it today new for $217!)
AA El Sabor 18"
AA Thin Crash 17"
Xs20 Medium Hats 14"

My stuff has too many 14's. Peace and goodwill.


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Peavey Radial pro 1000, after purchasing them they became my main kit so I ended up selling my Yamaha MCA's and my Pearl Masters.


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Ive got a Tama Superstar Hyperdrive 6 piece all birch kit in sizes:

14"x5" Snare
10 x 6.5" Tom
12 x 7" Tom
14 x 12" Floor Tom
16 x 14" Floor Tom
22 x 18" Bass drum

Im still using the same heads as it came with since im not gigging yet and its cheaper to buy them one by one and store the heads till I have them all and change them all at once rather then fork out all the money for them.

For the Cymbals I have:
Paiste PST8 14" Rock Hats
Paiste PST8 20" Rock Ride
Paiste PST8 16" Rock Crash
Paiste PST8 18" Rock China
Paiste Alpha 12" Metal Splash
and a Paiste PST3 18" china soon to be a Paiste PST8 16" china

The Paiste PST8 cymbals sound great too for anyone who's interested, I spent quite a while listening and choosing between the Alphas and PST8s and found out that the difference between them is tiny and the price difference between them isn't really worth it haha.

for hardware Im using:

A Gibraltar 9000 series Snare stand
Gibraltar 6000 series Hi-Hat stand
Gibraltar 6000 series Boom stand
Gibraltar 6000 series Straight stand
2 cheep CB boom stand soon to be Gibraltar 6000 series boom stands
A Gibraltar boom arm (not sure which one)
Tama Iron cobra Powerglide double bass pedal
and a Tama Stagemaster Double Tom stand

Thats my kit, no pictures yet though haha

Bo Eder

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I'll jump - only because I like talking about my stuff as much as the next drummer....

My primary kit that gets to come out for important stuff:

Tama Starclassic b/b Limited Edition in Black Oyster Lacquer
16x22 bass
8x12 tom on a snare stand
14x16 floor tom
6.5x13 Artwood maple in titanium burst
6.5x13 Metalworks steel snare as sidesnare (or vice versa)

Zildjian K Custom Dark ride 20" with Sizzler chain
Zildjian A 17" thin crash (top) Zildjian A 17" Medium crash (bottom) for hi hats.

Tama/Pearl Hardware

My second kit is the traveler:

Tama Granstar birch in lipstick red
16x22 bass
11x12 tom on a stand
16x16 floor
6.5x14 Rockstar steel snare

a complete set of hardware for it, but I use the same cymbals. I can add a Zildjian 18" thin crash to this if I absolutely need it. And if people can't handle the HUGE hi-hats, I also have 14" Quick Beats too.

My cases are Humes & Berg Enduro withOUT foam lining.

Heads are always experimental. This month I like Evans G2's and EQ4 bass heads. Next month will be something else.

gaz farrimond

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I'll bite as well.

Main kit: Yamaha Oak Custom. Many drums to choose from.

Recording kit: Yamaha Beech Custom. A travesty they were discontinued.

Alesis and Yamaha electrics.

Sabian cymbals.


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Ludwig classic maple:

18x24 bass
8x14 snare
11x13 rack
16x16 floor
16x18 floor
6.5x14 black beauty

An assortment of zildjian A and A custom cymbals.

john gerrard

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I just bought a Cat Jazz kit and got to do my first gig with it Sat. It was a large outdoor festival and although I have been impressed with the drums I wasn't sure how they would work in a large outdoor setting. I must say that I was more than impressed with the little kit. The band I filled in with did mostly older rock and the little CCJ kit more than kept up with everything. I must say that the sound crew were professional and had the know how and the equipment for the job. But I have the feeling that smaller gigs and smaller p.a. equipment will still have great results. I feel that for me this will be my main gigging kit. It sure sounds good and is small and easy to transport.

My other kits are a Gretsch Renown Rock 24x16, 13x9, 16x16 and a Tama Superstar 22x18, 12x8,14x14,16x14 and for right now my main snare is a Ludwig Supra 14x5

Good luck and best wishes. John

Mad About Drums

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Tama Artstar II (all maple shells)

22"x16" bass drum
10"x10" rack tom
12"x11" rack tom
14"x14" floor tom
14"x4" snare drum

Cymbals by Zildjian

13' K/Z hi-hat
16" A thin crash
20" K custom ride
14" A thin crash
14" Quick beat hi-hat (remote)
18" A swish (china, no rivets)

Hardware by Tama
Heads by Remo
Sticks by Vic Firth
Mapex Falcon single bass drum pedal

Xero Talent

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Drums: Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage in Cranberry Red Stain
8" x 14" Gretsch Hammered Brass Snare
8" x 10" tom
9" x 12" tom
10" x 13" tom
14" x 16" floor tom
18" x 24" bass drum

Auxiliary Snares:
14" x 6.5" Pearl Limited Edition Walnut Snare Drum
14" x 5.5" Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Snare (not shown)

Cymbals: Paiste (except where noted)
14" Paiste Giant Beat Hi Hats
12" Paiste 2002 Splash
16" Paiste 2002 Crash
18" Paiste 2002 Crash
15" Paiste 2002 Wild China
16" Sabian B8 Thin Crash
22" Paiste Reflector "PowerSlave" Bell Ride

Heads: Remo Pinstripe on toms, Coated Emperors on snares, Powerstroke 3 on bass drum batter.

Sticks: ProMark 5A Nylon Tip


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Tama Starclassic Performer birch.
20x18 kick
10x8 tom
14x11 tom

13x6.5 Artwood maple snare.

13" Zildjian A Custom Mastersound hats or 14" Sabian XS20 medium hats
16" Sabian AA medium thin crash
18" Sabian XS20 medium thin crash
20 Sabian AA rock ride
18" Sabian AAX china
10" Sabian B8Pro china splash
6" Zildjian Zil Bel
9.5" Zildjian Zil Bel

Tama Iron Cobra double pedal. Iron Cobra HH905 Hi Hat stand. All Tama hardware. Roc N Soc Nitro throne.



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I'll play too....

Yamaha Maple custom Absolute / Black Sparkle finish
- 8"
- 10"
- 12"
rack toms
- 14"
- 16"
- 18"
Floor toms
- 24 "
- 20 "
bass drums

10 snares ( depending on style of music ) ranging from maple , birch , steel , and brass
in various sizes.
Cymbals ...too many ....lol
but usually I use as of late, A and A custom ....except Ride which is Sabian leopard
Los Cabos 5a sticks ( endorser )
Remo coated ambassador heads on all batters
clear on bottoms
clear ambassadors on bass drums
Pearl/Yamaha/ Gibraltar hardware
pearl eliminator pedals


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Currently i have 2 kits.
For home:
70's Ludwig 3ply 13,16,20
Silver sparkle rack tom and bass drum
and red pearl bass drum hoops and floor tom. Needs bottom hoops and reso heads and there are a fair number of non original lugs on the bass drum that were affixed with what looks like one screw and duct tape. I found it like that on the street. Free drums. Sounds amazing even without the resos. Cymbals: Zildjian 1st generation ZXT 14 medium hi hats 18 crash ride(which they dont make anymore) and 20 medium ride.
For not at home:
Groove percussion 4-piece 12,14,20
Black. I'm probably going to get it rewrapped in WMP eventually but it sounds great with the right heads and is the perfect size for transport.
Cymbals: 70's Zildjian medium ride, Wuhan NT 18 in crash ride, wuhan NT 14 in Hi hats or 80's Sabian B8 hihats.
Tama Swingstar steel snare 14 in


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Ludwig start up kit (.. this will be the end up Kit as well)
good drums, but super Klanky Cymbals, they are not even cymbals, some kind of metal round plates!! ...all good for a basement drummer


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Studio Kit
Sonor SQ2 Maple 7pc w/UFIP Class pies

Touring Kit
Sonor Ascent Birch 7 pc w/Paiste Signature or 2002 pies.



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Always set up at Home:
Gretsch USA Customs
5.5" x 14" Snare
14" x 18" Bass Drum
8" x 12" Tom
14" x 14" Floor Tom

Travel / Gigs
Gretsch New Classic / USA Custom Vinnie Colauita Snare
5" x 14" Snare
14" x 18" Bass Drum
8" x 12" Tom
14" x 14" Floor Tom

Cymbals: Some combination from a selection of Bosphorus, Istanbul Agops and Zildjian

Hardware: A mix of 600 & 700 series Yamaha Hardware (other than Gretsch /Gibraltar tom arm) and Yamaha Belt Drive drive pedal with a back up DW 5000 strap just in case.

Heads Some combination of Evans or Aquarian.

Seat: Roc & Soc Nitro with backrest


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....70's Ludwig 3ply 13,16,20
Silver sparkle rack tom and bass drum
and red pearl bass drum hoops and floor tom. Needs bottom hoops and reso heads and there are a fair number of non original lugs on the bass drum that were affixed with what looks like one screw and duct tape. I found it like that on the street. Free drums. Sounds amazing even without the resos....

Sounds like those would be worth fixing up. Even if you've got to sink a little time and money into them.

I use mostly variations of Yamaha Stage Customs.


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My collection to date:

Mystery-brand cowbell (legendary)

Mapex Saturn Transparent Cherry Burst
22x18, 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 16x16

Gretsch CCJ Copper Sparkle

1960's Ludwig Super Classic Silver Sparkle
22x14, 13x9, 16x16

ddrum Dominion Maple 13x7
Mapex Saturn 14 x 5.5
DMR "custom" (local, keller maple) 14 x 5.5
Ludwig LM305 (bronze Rocker) 14 x 6
Tama Starphonic Ltd. Ed. Black Steel 14x6
Pearl Masters MCX 14x6.5

14" Zil. K hats (2 pairs)
11" Zil. Oriental Trash Splash
19" Zil. K Custom Hybrid China
20" Zil. K Custom Dark Ride
20" Zil. K Custom Dry Light Ride

18" Paiste Signature Fast Crash

19" AAX-Plosion Fast Crash

20" Bosphorus Master Vintage (1716 grams)

24" Ibrahim Diril Traditional (2910 grams)
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