What kind of ride cymbals you do prefer?

Rock Salad

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My favorite one that I own is probably not the one anyone (even me,) would choose out of a stack of rides. It is very ringy/klangy. It's heavy and took years to figure out how to crash decently. It has a fair amount of tape on it too, but that has gotten less and less as I learn to play it better.
I play electric guitar music though, so clarity and projection are more crucial than finer nuances of wash. Which (fwiw) I have also improved on learning to play this beast.
It's a heavier 20" with a thickish edge, but flatish bow, and a nice wobble for its weight.

Al Strange

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I use a Paiste Alpha 20” metal ride for rock but I’m looking to upgrade to a 22” blue bell or monad. For all other styles I have a 20” Paiste 1000 rude ride/crash that can do anything I need it to! I lean towards Paiste generally for the cut and projection but I always try other brands before I buy...which is why I also own Meinl and Sabian cymbals... (y) :D

No Way Jose

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I actually like my Zildjian ZBT 22 inch ride cymbal. Yes its a little harsh and loud but I learned to hit it. For the classic rock, classic country music that I play it works well. I like using brushes on it too, for jazz.


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I like some pingy rides and some washy rides. At church I play a Sabian AAX 20" Dry Ride. My ride is a Sabian HHX 20" Evolution Ride. To me the most important aspect of a ride is the tone. I know it when I hear it. Peace and goodwill.


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I have 2. A mysterious El Rajah, unknown old thing on my right. It's very woody and dark. It has 24 rivit holes. It's also quite weighty and opens up with a roaring wash if I'm not careful. Its ping is dark and dry.

On my left is a Sabian Pro 20" ride. It has a very bright ping only. No wash, no nothing, just ping. It's a good polar opposite to the El Rajah.

If I want something in between I have an 18" Turkish K that I go to.

C.M. Jones

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I like more definition and ping than wash, though some wash is necessary for a balanced sound. Thus, while light rides can have too much wash, heavy rides can have too much ping. That puts me in the medium-ride range that so many consider the nondescript equivalent of vanilla ice cream. Incidentally, though I'm not an ardent fan of ice cream, vanilla is my favorite flavor.


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I have a Sabian 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride for my heavy/pingy needs and a Meinl M Series 22" medium ride for my more middle of the road stuff. I had a few more heavy rides for some variety and to keep a second practice kit set up, and a couple light rides for really quiet coffeehouse type gigs but I've let all of them go for now since they aren't really needed right now.


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I have 7 rides :oops: (8 counting a low volume one)

For the Punk Band I play in (Varukers) I like a pingy ride so will usually be either my Paiste 2002 20" Heavy Ride or, 2002 22" Power Bell Ride. I will also use my Scymtek 22" Xtreme when I am in the right mood.
I have two that I haven't used yet (2002 22" Ride & Zildjian K Custom Dark 22")
A Zildjian 21" A Sweet Ride used to be my go-to but that seems to have been retired for the time being.
I also use occasionally an Izmir 20" Medium Ride when I want loads of wash or, to take when we fly as I am not bothered if it gets damaged.


"Uncle Larry"
I've gone pingy most of my life but now a little more washy ride is gaining favor. It's more forgiving to play and fills up more space. I'm liking the "total coverage" as opposed to the seemingly multiple spaces left by a pingy ride.


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I tend to go with one of my 16in A. Zildjians from the 1940s or 50s. I've got 5 ranging from paper thin crashes to legit ride cymbals (800g to 1550g). I basically just take what I'll need for that day's set and away I go.



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I play in two bands country and classic rock. For the country band I have a 22 inch aax Omni depending on where I play I can get quite a bit of ping or quite a bit of wash and I use both of those qualities in that band as well as crashing on the cymbal some also. For the classic rock band I have a 20 inch Zildjian hybrid ride it has more cut and a brighter tone than the Omni and seems more suited for classic rock. One of my favorite ride cymbal recorded sounds is the intro to the doors Rider on the Storm I can get a sound similar to that out of the Omni.


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I was all about the ping rides in the mid-2000's, which is when I bought my 22" A Ping Ride. Its a fantastic cymbal for sure, and is my main recording/practice ride. But these days I kinda want the option to go a little more versatile. I still prefer 22" rides, but if I was to get that ride again, I'd probably go for an A Medium or even a 2002 ride.

My 20" Amedia ride is really nice for lower volume playing, but if you're swinging out 8th notes at fast tempos it gets too washy and undefined. And my 22" Paiste Colorsound I haven't played enough to get a good opinion on.


I love my Zildjian – Armand “Beautiful Baby” 19” ride with 3 rivets. It’s more washy than pingy and the smaller size makes it a great heavy crash.
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