What kind of music do you traditionally play?


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1. Christian music in two churches - one with a drum kit, one with a cajon.
2. Rock, classic rock and blues with my band.
3. Ideally would like to learn some jazz and funk.

Bo Eder

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Whatever Hal Blaine played on.

That and Motown.

After that, circa 1972, I became "experienced" and all manner of rock and roll, fusion, and prog rock took over.

That came to an end on Jan 2, 1983 when I listened to my first Muddy Waters cassette and got inextricably hooked on blues.

I'm still patiently waiting to see what comes next.

I do attempt to listen to jazz and am trying to make sense of it but I can't say I've ever had a jazz phase.
How do you know Hal didn’t play any Motown?


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I have extremely eclectic tastes, both in playing and listening. I have three modes of practice: (1) Playing along to music I like, to work on time, feel, dynamics, and the mental bits of drumming; (2) Practicing specific songs that I will be playing in future gigs; (3) Practicing specific things (like sticking or rudiments) that haven't entered muscle memory yet.

I currently play in a contemporary church worship team, an indie/Latin rock originals band, a classic rock and blues covers band, and an acoustic jazz and soul band. I have played in metal, country, and progressive rock bands as well. So I am constantly building my repertoire for practice as my performance playlists are getting more varied.


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At home, I've been finding myself playing mostly stuff from either Journey or The Beatles. I'll say I was pleasantly surprised at how ingenious of a pattern Ringo came up with for I Feel Fine.

When I'm at school, it's mainly stuff for marching/concert band. I'm hoping I start drumming in jazz band since drums isn't the only instrument I play and I offered to take up bass since I'd heard there weren't any bassists auditioning to join jazz band.

No Way Jose

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I play anything and everything. I'll turn the radio or TV on and play along with the music. My gigs tend to be soft rock, classic rock and classic country.


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I grew up on rockabilly. No, I’m not that old, but my mom had a huge rockabilly collection, so play some of that. Wasn’t exposed to 60s or 70s music till much later. I cut my teeth playing 80s hair band and metal. Later funk, pop, reggae. I try to play as many different genres as I can, but still suck at some of the more complex world beats and traditional Jazz. Been focusing on those too, so a bit of everything I suppose. If I had to identify with one, I’d say I’m a rock drummer.
Rockabilly, especially punk rockabilly (if that's the right word) is making a huge resurgence up here in the North of England. I frequently see such bands. That double bass is a huge seller for me. I love it.


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Fast, melodic, humorous/cynical/sharp/cutting, punk rock music is my cup of tea. Our music spans the idiocy of The Jeremy Kyle show, through being a bloke caught in the rampage of a Blackpool Hen Do, to missing our favourite musician ever Joe Strummer.


I play indie/ alternative rock, usually slower tempos (between 70-120 bpm). I also get asked to play stuff like folk rock, blues rock and singer/songwriter type stuff, somehow everyone's gotten this idea that that's the style I like to play, although it's all lies. I really want to play punk/emo/hardcore but I'm not really good enough playing at fast tempos and I don't know anyone else who plays that type of music.

Current band is sort of a garage rock/blues/alternative/indie band.. it's basically the only style of music that I'm actually competent enough to play at a serious level.


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Started off in jazz band as a youngster.
Joined my first punk band at 14, played in punk bands for the last 23 years or so.
Joined my first metal band around 21, played in metal bands for about 15 years. More on the extreme/tech death metal spectrum.

In my personal time I like to spend alot of time on the pad doing rudiments, and practicing slow, groovy funk beats, shuffles, and linear chops. basically all things I don't do in my bands :) I am also dabbling in a bit of jazz but need serious practice.