What key is the Nat'l Anthem in? All of them!


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Now my boss is wondering why I busted out laughing at nothing.
That’s funny I’m often laughing hysterically from stuff others post or that I post all the time ( I crack me up ). My wife looks at me like I’m crazy. I think she is a bit jealous- this is more entertaining than the tube. I’ve even got her watching moonshiners with me a few episodes so bored. She’s a big city Atlanta girl and if she knew I grew up with yahoo’s like them and Gator boys she’d never married me. She can’t believe people live in gnat/ mosquito heaven.


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I told my boss she doesn't laugh enough.
She says she always laughs "on the inside"
I said: I know...I can see you jiggling.

Thank god there's no such thing as harassment!