What key is the Nat'l Anthem in? All of them!


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I joined a jazz FB group that is pretty cool. Lots of singers to-which I love to hear. But so many sing scat. Which the first few months was great but now I'm like over saturated with scat. They all sound the same after a bit and it's starting to grate on me. But now I think I'll go listen to some scat. Because after listening to this "scat" I think the other will sound great.


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Maybe she sang it a capella hoping that, without accompaniment, nobody would notice...


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Yes, and I, too, hate it when drummers play anything other than the exact note-for-note drum part of a song. If a drummer misses a tom hit on a fill, or add an extra crash cymbal mid-verse, I angrily throw my hands up and walk out of the venue...
I did the same thing all three times I saw Hendrix in concert. He played everything "wrong". so I just threw up my hands and walked out of the venue, alone, which really irritated my mom because I was born in '65.


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So... I just did a semi-deep dive into info on singer in the OP, her previous band (!), her husband, their associates, and his plans to run for office.

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Larry Golding’s comments on Facebook a few minutes ago:

Thank you to everyone who helped me make it on to both Snopes.com AND Sam Seder. The best thing about this "viral" experience was the number of people who said they laughed hard, and that they shared it with someone. Also many have reached out. It's great hearing from you. That made me feel more connected, and grateful for the positive forces in my life.
YouTube informed me I'm eligible for an espresso machine when this peaks.
I now have a Humor/Satire playlist on my youtube channel, but I plan to build on this "guy with the gig" character.
Here's Sam Seder:


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a smattering of applause...probably b/c it was over...

related to the other thread about social media drummers, it sounds like they got her from a social media video "audition"...sounded like she had 3 or 4 different versions of the SSB that she had been copying before...and was sort of splicing them together live...

bruh...standards keep getting lower and lower