What key is the Nat'l Anthem in? All of them!


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The poor women standing next to her must be having a heart attack-she is grabbing her chest. Maybe it's just disbelief. Yeah I know the flag but I'd grab the flag rap the off key lady in it and walk off stage at the applause of everyone there. A standing ovation no less ROFL. There must not have been a rehearsal or anything. I bet she leaned how to sing this from Roseanne Barr.


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Depends on whos singing it yes, or what band is playing it. Then again if you are doing a sound check, maybe many keys.


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Alain Rieder

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This guy is brilliant - I hadn't heard of him until recently.

Larry Goldings:

He's a great musician, I've been listening to him for many years (at least 20) in many recordings.

I saw him live with the Goldings/Bernstein/Stewart Trio, as well as with James Taylor.

He plays (or has played) with the Steve Gadd Band, which is basically James Taylor's touring musicians playing in a jazz setting.

Here's something funny:



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the worst is when it gets put into 4/4...it is in 3/4 dammit!!

and yess...singing that song is NOT ABOUT YOU!!! It is about a bigger thing...


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She was doing sort of okay until "twilight's last gleaming." I guess CPAC didn't renew their Auto-Tune subscription this year.


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I don't like it when singers try to put their own spin on the song. I'd rather them just sing it the right way and be done with it.
Yes, and I, too, hate it when drummers play anything other than the exact note-for-note drum part of a song. If a drummer misses a tom hit on a fill, or add an extra crash cymbal mid-verse, I angrily throw my hands up and walk out of the venue...


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So a CPAP convention- so was William Shatner there? I see him advertising a CPAP sterilizer. The singer obviously has huge adenoids impairing her singing and sleep. She is probably the poster girl for CPAP technology. Can you imagine the snoring if they fall asleep. We shouldn’t make fun of someone with a handi-CPAP.