What is your worst Experience trying to sell drum things?


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I'll go first.

I put up an old crappy kit on Craigslist. Just the shells. I put up pictures of what exactly I was trying to sell. I get a voice mail of a guy basically critiquing how I put up the ad and trying to tell me what 'no hardware' means etc. I had to explain in grave detail that heads hoops and tom legs/mounts were included. There was a lot more insulting things said but I forgot them.

I still have the kit (CB-700)...


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I am currently selling a Pearl Rhythm Traveler kit with hardware on craig's for $300.
I was contacted by someone who offered me $225 for the kit. He also wanted me to transport the kit to him about 100 miles away!
I emailed him back and I said that I would take $275. I also said that I wouldn't transport the kit that far. He would have to meet me at a location that was halfway.
The perspective buyer then emailed me and called me names that I can't post here.
Now thats how you drive a bargin!

You meet the nicest folks on craig's sometimes! LOL

Let me see... I have to take $75 less for the kit and spend $40 in gas delivering it!
That works... Right?