What is your workhorse snare from your collection?


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HHG 7x14 Heartwood Birch Stave probably gets the most stand time even though I rotate out my snares constantly.


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For the last year, I've used this snare for 80%+ of gigs & recordings. That was never the intention when I built it, but I just can't resist it's charms & delivery. 13" x 7" thin (5mm) segmented solid ebony In-Tense series with T6 aluminium lugs & cast hoops.

It's workhorse status will change when I get around to temporarily starting up the workshop to finish a few builds, and it's replacement becomes available.

Ebony front 900.jpg


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OK..im super buzzed at the bar. I just saw this thread..i can't wait!..to get under the covers tonight and read my boys favorite snares. I can't tell you mine for fear of being community ostrisized. That violet tama I saw scrolling through is breathtaking. I've got some ffffun tonight!.


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this ones getting the most work of my snares atm, vinnie paul signature, 14x8 maple shell :)