What is your workhorse snare from your collection?


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Yikes Stroker, I gave absolutely no thought to metal on metal contact. I simply used the provided screws, once one of the stripped screws/nuts was replaced (took months). I'm trying to remember if Sonor used some kind of protective coating to the inner shell. Now I'm wondering if I should take it off.
Honestly, Steady, I was more than taken aback when the badge arrived without, especially coming from Sonor.

I've spent many-a day ruminating about this very issue, and as a simple solve to the quandary, I'm going to drop into a jeweler store and see what the watchmaker has in the way of watch-crown rubber o-rings. I believe they'll be exactly what the doctor ordered.

I'll do a follow-up post in the days ahead.


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I have a near mint Premier Hi Fi with the original Everplay Extra Plus heads that I can't stop playing. I tried it out about a year ago and it became my main snare. Great snap, rim shots are killer and it tunes up beautifully high low or medium. Second place goes to my 1976 Supraphonic. My gigging snare is a 1967 Acrolite. It looks smells and sounds like the Summer of Love.


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My go to workhorse workhorse is a Pearl Joey Jordison 13x6.5 steel snare. Lots of punch!
Although I do like my Yammy Tour Custom maple.
Nice to have options.


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The snare that gets the most use right now and maybe the past year is the Pearl Sesitone 5x14 aluminum with a Fat Tone hoop on top.


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For me, its goes in waves. Right now My now my Ludwig Raw Brass Phonic 6.5 X 14 hasn’t left my snare stand in weeks. But usually my most reliable snare is my LM402


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Too hard of a decision for me because I like all of my snares for each and every aspect of their differences, nuances and quirks. My snares are like my daughters: I don't love any particular one of them more, I've just loved some of them longer.

But taking the definition of workhorse in the strictest sense, I give my nod to the Beier 1.5 4" X 15" snare drum. Affordable. Dependable. Utilitarian.
Roadworthy. Always sounds great. You just can't go wrong with any of the Beier snares.
What is your preferable heads combo? I have 4" x 15" Dunnett Titanium and have been using it more lately, but It took few tries until I settled on heads for it. Thanks!

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What is your preferable heads combo? I have 4" x 15" Dunnett Titanium and have been using it more lately, but It took few tries until I settled on heads for it. Thanks!

I've been really pleased with the Remo heads James sent it with: Weatherking Coated Sound Control over a Clear Ambassador. I can't find a reason yet to swap out that head combo. If I do experiment on this drum I'll likely start with an Aquarian Studio-X Texture Coated over an Aquarian Classic Clear Snare Side. This Aquarian combo is occupying more and more of my snare drums.


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Well, I only got 2 snares, my 13x5,5" Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Cherry Bomb get used if I need a quieter snare for smaller gigs or band practice for not making my band mates go deaf. But my 14x6" Tama Starphonic Bronze get used for everything else (studio, bigger gigs). Think my most used snare would be the Tama.


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Have not forgotten about you - re: the watch-crown rubber o-rings I mentioned for mounting the signature badges on our cast-bronze Sonor drums.

All businesses here are pretty much shuttered, however, I ran into the owner of one of the jeweler stores today, and he's optimistic about opening his doors for business again sometime in the month of May, at which time I'll revisit this conversation and have some concrete info for you.

Talk soon!


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DW Performance 6.5x14. I have others (Ludwig Blacrolite, Slingerland, etc.) but I like the wood snares. After I got the DW dialed in, I didn't have to mess with it. I rotate it around all my sets.