What is your workhorse snare from your collection?


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I think if I took a poll, I'd guess that the majority of drummers would go for the metal snare drum tone.
Personally, I'm heading in the woodier direction. (Although my latest recording was with a NOB snare)


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The only metal snare I played for any length of time was the Supra that came with my 76 Ludwigs.

I've gigged a Black Beauty for a few hours tops.

In hindsight, I've always preferred wood snares.

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Looks sort of like 50/50 to me in regard to wood vs. metal.

To me a metal snare is the most versatile, but in a situation when a wood snare is better a wood snare is better.

The latest Colaiuta snare, which is my choice, though being a wood snare, sort of covers both bases.

Though I have a few other drums I'm not necessarily a fan of changing snares all the time. There are a few situations where something different is more appropriate, but I like to get away with just one drum as much as possible. Obviously, I have the 12" Colaiuta drum more or less permanently set up on my kit also.
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For years, my main go-to snare has been a Gretsch Brooklyn 6x14" nickel-over-brass model that isn't made anymore. I love the deep, warm crack it provides (I play mostly rim shots on my backbeats), as the nickel plating somewhat dampens the brighter qualities of the brass shell. It's lived in my studio almost the entire time I've owned it, and unfortunately I don't think I have any pics of it (and I don't want to drive over to my studio to take one right now). So here's a stock image I found.

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My goto since I bought it in 2012, has been a 5.5x14 Steel Keplinger. I went through a wood snare phase in the 90's when all of the boutique builders began to surface. These guys were making wood snares that could project better than the vintage ones, but still had a nice woody tone. But over time I found myself reaching for a Supra or Dunnett steel for their versatility. I still have a couple nice wood snares but I Iike the Keplinger because sounds more like a wood drum than any of my other steel snares...


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During the last couple of months I have been mainly using a COB Supra 5" deep that my wife offered me about 12 years ago and that I was never able to tune correctly. I did use it very rarely for years, until I learned how to make it sound and feel the way I wanted it to sound and feel, and it became my workhorse (but I still like very very much the various maple Tamburo I own ...).


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For the last month, I've been using my Sonor SQ1 birch snare the most, but that's mainly because it's relatively new to me. I'd say the snare that gets the most use is my Yamaha RC aluminum 6.5x14. If that was my only snare, I'd be happy. TBH, I kind of like the idea of getting down to just 3 snare drums - one for the practice kit at home, one for the band rehearsal kit, and one ready to go for gigs.


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I've owned a hand-full of snare drums over the years, all of which I truly cherished, however, my absolute pride and joy (and workhorse) is my Sonor SQ2, 10th Anniversary, Cast Bronze 6.5x14, which I purchased last year through DCP.

It will be my one and only snare drum to my name once I shed my last two snare drums in my collection.

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I have one of these which I treasure. For the first few months I was actually underwhelmed, and even disappointed. I tried all kinds of tunings and batter heads, yet I couldn't get this drum to sing. Sounded choked all the time. Then I finally replaced the stock reso head and the skies opened and a rainbow appeared. This turned into one of the most extraordinary drums I've ever heard. Totally understand your choice. If it weren't so heavy, it might be my workhouse choice.


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Mine is my Chad Smith signature snare. That thing rocks my world. I'm using a Remo Emperor X head currently. Cranked up, she sings oh so sweetly to me. It is my fave snare of all time. I'm never going back to wood snares......never ever.