What is your least favorite concession you made in your set up?


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My biggest concession right now isn't an ergonomic thing, but rather a sonic thing. I do most of my "performing" in a church with a traditional sanctuary, so sound is boomy and loud, and as a result, I use ProMark Lightning Rods to attenuate some of the volume. I HATE the tone of split rods, but even playing lightly with real sticks is too much in that room.
I hate those things, too, but sometimes they seem to be a necessary evil.


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I use a 4-piece most of the time and I find there isn't really any concession with this setup (also true of 1 up, 2 down). Everything has its own spot. As soon as you start adding toms up front you've got to start making compromises. The ride's gotta move out of the sweet spot and/or toms and crashes start sharing air space and things can get tight. Obviously it's do-able but it takes some getting used to.

For you double pedal guys: back when I was using one I used to tilt my hi-hat stand in towards the snare (Tama stand had that feature or tuck something under one of the feet on other stands). That helped to bridge most of the gap and I found it helpful.

For a higher cowbell on an 18" bass drum I use the DW claw mount. It's higher than those other clamp-on hoop mounts.