what is your favorite part about summer?

has covid-19 effected your summer plans?

  • yes but was a very easy fix

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  • we planned it in advanced so no

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  • let's just not talk about this

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I love the extreme heat combined with the humidity here in the South (US). And the mosquitos.
I can take the heat and humidity. 🖕 mosquitoes. Oddly enough the ones in NY were much bigger and more aggressive than the ones here in AR. My wife says the Alaskan mosquitoes are even bigger and worse.


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I like pretty much everything about summer (except late season wildfires).

The weather is warmer and sunny, the days are longer, there's no good-forsaken snow, there's music outside, you can swim, everyone wears less clothing...

Perfect, to me.


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That’s one of the few things I don’t miss about Texas - are mosquitoes.
What part are you in?
No longer in Texas, we had enough of the heat and humidity and moved to Florida . . . . .