What is your favorite drummer joke?


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Your story sounds like my eldest brother. He has found another partner just this year (she's younger too) and his happy place again. I've been really worried about him. Anyways I'm glad you did after your loss-my condolences for your loss. Drumming is my therapy too. I'll probably be due both knees and a hip but I'm in no hurry for any surgery if I can live with it. I ran for years and I just crushed my body doing it like a fool. Thanks for your words-kudos to a life well lived and living it. I hope we all do so as long and as well as you.
Since this post I have had two Cancer ops. The first they removed a small tumour and 1-1/2 feet of colon. The second six months later, a kidney with a tumour was removed. In both cases, plus the 2014 bladder Cancer op, I did not require chemo or radiation and recently had my 6 month colonoscopy and all was clear. The kidney CT scan will happen in October but i'm very optimistic that all will be fine.
So, one week ago today I had my second knee (hi hat) replaced. Due to my age, recovery and some complications set in. I was however blessed as aforementioned with a wonderful new partner who just happens to be a retired (30 years of service) Homecare RN and her experience, and
"patience with men as we don't always follow orders" has kept me afloat, alive and loved" and if that's not good enough three weeks ago I was contacted by a well experienced bassist, guitarist and vocalist who just moved into our city from another province. We had a chance to jam once before my knee surgery and we fit very well. I can hardly wait for my knee to heal so we can work together. What a fortunate man I am at 82 to have all this going for me especially as so many in so many countries are struggling just to survive. I have truly been smiled upon!


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Is that Buddy Rich playing?
No ,that's God.
He just thinks he's Buddy Rich.


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Did I already tell the one about the jazz bassist taking an orchestra gig?
The conductor hires a jazzer in desperation, and sure enough he shows up to rehearsal with his blonde Kay plywood bass. But to his delight the jazzer has the music prepared and nails everything, and goes on to make every rehearsal on time and sounding great.
So the conductor approaches him after the last reheasal and says "I really appreciate the great job you've done at these rehearsals" to which the jazzer says "Hey man, it's the least I could do seeing how I can't make the gig."


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A keyboard player wakes up in hospital after surgery. The doctor tells him:

"We were supposed to remove 10% of your brain because of cancer, but due to a slight misunderstanding we actually LEFT 10% of your brain and removed the rest..."

- "I have no idea what you're talking about. Where are my sticks?"
Apologies, haven’t read all these great jokes yet.
What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians?
How can tell the drum riser is not level? The drool is coming out the side of the drummers mouth.