What is your dream kit for 2010!


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8x10 10x12 rack toms
14x14 16x16 floor toms
14x6 aluminum snare
22x20 virgin bass drum
all maple or even bubinga

Paiste 2002 cymbals
and an hhx groove hats for alternate hats.


5x8" Tom
7x8" Tom
8x10" Tom
9x12" Tom
12x14" Floor Tom
14x16" Floor Tom
5x14" Snare
18x22" Bass (x2)
DW 9000 Super Main Rack (with necessary extensions and boom arms)

--Paiste (Alpha):
14" Metal Edge HH
17", 18", 19" Metal Crash
20" Metal Ride
14", 16" China
10" Metal Splash
--Sabian (Vault):
8" Chopper [effects cymbal]

Pearl Demon Drive Single Pedal (x2)


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I have a cool idea for a custom kit that looks like a guinness pint with a dark black/brown stain with a off white "head" stripe. brass hardware, tube lugs, gold harp badges. It would be keller vintage mahogany shells 3 ply with rings, in 24x14, 12x8, 14x14, 16x16.

I would only do it if guinness paid for the kit though. I'm not going to spend my own money to advertise for somebody else, but it would look really cool.

For cymbals I have more cymbals than stands but I would probably add a 21" zildjian A sweet ride in brilliant finish.


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these are so nice I'd probably be allowed to keep them in the living room...
They are beautiful, I prefer the Walnut version though. I think ronnie vannucci and matt chamberlain play them. If they sound as nice as they look, WOW, I'd love to A-B them with a Brady...


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Pearl Reference - Piano Black Finish
1. 10" tom
2. 12" tom
3" 13" tom
4. 18" Floor Tom
5. 22" Bass Drum
6. 13" Joey Jordison Sig. Snare
7. 13" Mapex Chris Adler Sig. Snare
Cymbals :
Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash 18" (have)
Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash 16" (have)
Sabian HH Power Bell Ride 22"
Agazarian China 16" / ZHT splash 8" Stack (have)
Zildjian Oriental China Trash 18"
Zildjian A New Beat Hats 14" (Have)
Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride 20" as crash/ride (have)


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Whew. Hm.

Taye's 8-piece double bass shell pack:
# 2 - 22" x 16" kick drums
# 10" x 8-1/2", 12" x 9", 13" x 10" rack toms
# 16" and 18" floor toms
# 14" x 5-1/2" snare*

*replace the snare with a Ludwig Black Magic

All Aquarian heads, Performance II's on the toms, High Performance on the Snare, Super Kick II on the bass.

Paiste Alpha Brilliant cymbal setup:
14" metal hats
18/20" metal crash
22" rock ride
18" rock china
8" thin splash
10/12" rock splash

Axis longboard pedals


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i would love a sonor SQ2 but that aint gonna happen.

im hoping for this year to add onto my kit

sonor s classix in walnut roots
24x17.5 . Have
12x9 (tom). have
16x16(FT) have

highwood steambent maple snare 14x5.5 (have)
Brady Jarrah block 14x6.5

Cymbals (zildjian)
14 k custom dark hi hats (have)
11 k custom hybrid splash
15 K dark crash (have, but im gonna sell)
17 k custom dark crash (have)
18 k custom dark crash
18 k EFX
19 k custom hybrid china (have)
20 k custom hybrid ride (have)


pearl eliminator demon drive double pedal (have)
pearl 1000 series stands (have)
tama road pro stands (have)
pearl h-72w hi hat stand (have but will sell)
tama ergo rider throne (have)
pearl eliminator hi hat stand


roland SPD-S


Pearl block low
lp ridge rider cowbell, footmounted


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Drum Kit:
Sonor Force 3007

Snare Drums:
Sonor Force 3007 14"
Sonor Force 3007 12"

Zildjian A Custom 6" Splash
Zildjian A Custom 10" Splash
10" Mini HiHats
Sabian HHX 14" Hi Hats
Sabian AAXplosion 14" Crash
Zildjian A Custom 16" Crash
Zildjian A Custom 18" Crash
Pasite 2002 18" Crash
Sabian HHX 21" Dry Bell Ride

Pearl Demon Double Bass Drum Pedal
Pearl Boom Cymbal Stands
Dixon Cymbal Stacker

Grace :)

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I'm pretty lucky as I have a sonor 3007 kit now which is amazing, but the kit I would love to have is:

DW collectors series in a green glass finish
10" 12" toms
14" floor tom
20" bass drum

I'm not sure about the snare...maybe a walnut black panther...

and i'd love to have the 19" avedis zildjian beautiful, baby ride


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if money was no object,Matt Chamberlain's Adrian Kirchler/Craviotto kit.

all copper hand made Adrian Kirchler shells.

sorry but this is the only pic of assembled kit I could fine...

raw shells...


BUT, I did find the sound file. :-D


I would also love this kit(another of Matt's)

gotta love that gong bass!

oh, um, specs of the kit...

Solid Walnut w/ Maple Wood Hoops.
13x26 Bass Drum, 12x22 Maple Gong Drum, 14.5x16 FT, 8.5x14 RT, 5.5x14 NOB Diamond + 5.5x12 Unlimited Maple.

anyway... some day... when I hit the lotto...

while I'm on a Craviotto kick...

20" Crav steam bent snare... yes, 20"!!!



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I already posted my Bonham kit but wanted to add this to the mix
Ludwig Legacy not sure what finish
14 X 20 bass
10 X 12 tom
13 X 15 floor
4.5 X 15 brass or titanum snare (wish there was a Black Beauty like that)

Trad 20" Light ride
Dark Energy 22" MkII
Trad 20" Swish
Twenty 16" Med Light hats


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Ddrum Dios or Diablo Punx layout.

or any DW or Truth kit, one up two down layout of 12" rack tom and 16" and 18" toms. 14"-6.5" brass snare (which i have in the form of a pearl sensitone) and 15"-5" Birch snare for a proper fat sound!

Cymbals would be:
Z3 14" Mastersounds or A Custom 14 or 15".
16" Z custom medium crash which i have
18" Z3 medium or rock crash which i'm getting.
20" A crash/ride or 21" A Sweet ride which i'm getting.
8" A custom splash
10" A fast splash
18" FX oriental china which i have
15" New Beats

If only... :(



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I had a rehearsal last night and I gotta say that I don't think I've ever heard a kit with toms that sound quite as good as my Keller-shelled toms: 8x12 & 9x13 racks, 14x15 & 16x18 floors.

I wish I was as stoked on my 18x22 kick, but I'm not. This year, I'm hoping to replace it with a new 14x24 kick drum (probably a Ludwig Classic Maple, or maybe another Keller shell job). That should make it the dream kit for me.