What is your dream kit for 2010!


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thought I'd do a follow up to last years thread!
Hopefully this will give all you people who are at work something to do. ;)

Here's mine.
Basically drum wise I'd like to add a Starclassic Bubinga Gong Bass Drum in the Quilted Mocha Burst Finish (closest finish without having to buy what what be a very expensive custom finish) I everything else I'd want for my dream set which is my kick-ass Tama Warlord Masai kit

For Cymbals I'd love the following (diagram below)
1-12" A Special Recording Hats
2-13" K Hats (Have)
3-21" A Sweet Ride (Have)
4-6" Zil-Bel
5-10" K Splash
6-17" K Custom Dark Crash (Have)
7-18" K Thin Crash
8-18" K Custom Dark Crash (Have)
9-12" Chinese (Have)
10-16" Chinese (Have)
11-18" Chinese

In terms of hardware basically all I'd like is a snare basket that attaches to my rack, such as the DW version. and maybe a few extra PCX-200 clamps for my ICON rack so I can have some fun experimenting with putting on other drums/cymbals on.




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Well... if i could afford it.. I'd love a sparkle blue Yamaha MCAN (3 up 2 down). id be happy to keep my own hardware and cymbals :)


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Gretsch USA Custom in Champagne sparkle....24x16, 13x9, 16x16...(ill keep my snares, hats, crashes and hardware)...Zildjian 24" K light ride, and 22" K Constantinople Bounce Ride...that'd suit me just fine!!!


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My dream kit is a Gretsch USA Custom (1 up, 2 down) in Harlequin Curly Rosewood Gloss. But I would be dreaming if I thought I had any hope getting a kit like that in 2010!



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Fibes Crystallite or Maple

10 x 14" TT
12 x 15" TT
16 x 16" FT
16 x 18" FT
14 x 26" BD

Fibes Fiberglass SFT
6 1/2 x 14" SFT6514F 555.00

Or Ludwig Legacy Equivilants w/ my LM411
not sure on finishes

and about this set up for cymbals (maybe swap 2002 Medium for 18" Giant Beat):
Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hats 15" $362.08
Paiste 2002 Crash Cymbal 18" $243.04
Paiste 2002 Medium 18" $243.04
Paiste Giant Beat 20" Crash/Ride $279.00
Paiste 2002 Big Ride 24" $279.44

EDIT: Oh and all heads would be Remo Coated Pinstripes over Remo Smooth White Ambassadors (stock front/reso bass drum head), same on snare but with a Remo Diplomat Snare Side
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Right now I have a Gretsch Renown in Slate Silver Sparkle. I want to get the 22"x 20" kick cut down to a 22x14. Also I would like a 24" K Light Ride, a 22" K Light Ride, and a nice 20" K to crash on.


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I just got my dream kit 10 days ago!
Trick drums:
22" Kick
14" Snare
12" Rack tom
14" Floor tom
16" Floor tom
All in "Illusion Green" sparkle finish.
I kept all my cymbals and hardware, except for a new pair of Zildjian 14" A Custom Mastersound hats, and Trick Pro 1-V double pedals.


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Realistically, this is more like my dream kit for 2015 or 2020, but...

Drums: DW Collector's Maple; Cherry Satin Oil Finish

* 16x20 Standard Bass Drum (no tom mount)
* 8x8 tom
* 9x10 tom
* 10x12 tom
* 12x14 tom
* 6x14 Collector's 10+6 Snare Drum
* 5x12 Collector's 10+6 Snare Drum


* 13" Zildjian New Beats Hi-hat
* 20" Zildjian Dark K Custom Ride
* 14" Sabian HHX Studio Crash
* 16" Zildjian A Custom Crash
* 18" Crash (TBD)
* 10" Splash (TBD)
* 12" Splash (TBD)

Hardware (DW):

* 5002ND3 Double bass pedal
* 5100 Round Throne
* 5500D Delta 3-Leg Rotating Hi-Hat Stand
* 9999 Single Tom/Cymbal Stand (x4)
* 5300 Snare Drum Stand (x2)
* DWSM799 (dog bone with cymbal arm) (x2)
* DWSM505 (drop-lock hi-hat clutch)


*Toms: Batter -- Evans EC2 clear; Resonant: Remo Ambassador Ebony
*Bass: Batter -- Evans EC3
*Snares: Batter -- Remo Coated Emporer; Resonant -- Remo Ambassador (clear)


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Ludwig Classic Maple in Custom Charcoal Shadow Fade over Quilted Makore w/ custom black nickel lugs, hoops & screws:

18x22 (x2)
14x16 (FT)
16x18 (FT)
13x15 (FT-left side)
Mapex Chris Adler Signature Snare
6.5x14 Supraphonic
13x3 Ludwig Brass piccolo snare

...with a bunch o' loud Paiste signature/2oo2 series cymbals! :D


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Pearl Vision VBX (Concord Fade)



^Optimounts on all rack toms^

Pearl SensiTone Steel 14x5.5
Ludwig Black Magic 13x7

Sabian HHX Groove Hats 14"
Sabian HHXplosion Crash 17"

Sabian HHX Evolution Crash 18"
Sabian HHXplosion Crash 19"
Sabian HHX Evolution Crash 20"
Sabian HHX Raw Bell Dry Ride 21"
Sabian HHX Splash 10"
Sabian HHX Evolution Mini Chinese 14"
Sabian HHX Chinese 18"

Gibraltar 9611 Intruder Direct Drive Double Pedal
Gibraltar 9600 Liquid Drive Two-Leg Hi Hat Stand
Roc 'n Soc Nitro Throne (Blue)


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I already own my dream kit of Ludwig Classic Maples, so my pick is:

Ludwig Legacy Classic in either Sunset Diamond Pearl or Indigo Sparkle

8x12 TT
14x14 FT
16x16 FT
14x22 kick
6.5x14 snare

with Elite hardware, Classic Lugs (mini-classics on the 8x12), T-handle kick drum tension rods, curved spurs, and Vibraband tom mount.

Zildjian Armands
21" ride
18" thin crash
16" thin crash
14" hats

scorch whammin

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For me it would be a Yamaha PHX kit in textured black sunburst, 3 up (8,10,12), 2 down (14,16) with an 18X22 kick all on a 3 sided hex rack:)


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I'd like a kit made from Vaughncraft one-ply cherry shells-
14X20 BD

Or a Tempus fiberglass kit in the same configuration.


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Spaun Hybrid maple/acrylic
Clear acrylic, white lacquer finish, satin chrome hardware
22x16 or 20x18 BD
12x8 or 12x7 T
14x12 FT
16x14 FT (left side)
Not sure on snare

A mix of Meinl Byzance and Sabian HHX

Gibraltar Avenger direct drive pedal
Gibraltar 9600 Series Dual Leg Hi-Hat Stand With Liquid Drive
Pearl 1000 series snare drum stand
Sound Percussion Embroidered Drum Throne


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Dream kit? I think that would be easy: Craviotto bebop setup with 10 and 12 toms in either maple, cherry, or walnut wood. Those shells sing wonderfully.

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9x8 rack tom
11x10 rack tom
13x12 rack tom
15x14 floor tom
17x16 floor tom
23x15 bass
14x5.5 brass snare

Zildjian and Paiste Cymbals
Yamaha Hex Rack
Trick Pro1-V Dbl Pedal