What is this triplet thing called?


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It's a triplet, played over 2 (or 4).

Just because it's not in 9/8 doesn't mean it's not a triplet.



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Straightforward triplets as far as I can tell. One trip-let, two trip-let.

I'm sure somebody will have a more technical response but I don't see anything odd about that figure at all.


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Nah, not stupid. ;-)

Asking questions is never stupid.

Unless you're asking, "Is my incredibly rare Stage Custom kit worth anything?" Then you're asking a stupid question. :-D


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At least it's only a stick he's poking it with. I would expect a character of his magnitude to poke it with something far more oblique...
I have a trench-coat with special stick holders on the inside so that I can always carry a full assortment of poking sticks. I have a reputation to uphold.

And yes, I am typically naked under the coat.