What is this shell material?


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I picked up a Tama Starphonic snare. Seller didn't know what it was. There is no indication on it which model it is. The outside looks like the nickel over brass or polished stainless steel. The inside really looks like stainless to me. But the shell has that protruding ring in the middle that I don't see on pictures of that on the stainless steel drums.
Any help appreciated. Thanks.



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That's the Nickel-Over-Brass Starphonic. The Stainless and Aluminum Starphonics both have very different finishes (raw aluminum, three-tone stainless), and they don't make a chrome-over-aluminum Starphonic, though it is offered in the SLP line.


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Appears to be the clear nickel over brass model with outward center bead. The steel shell was smooth, the stainless steel one has a 1"+ center band and the aluminum one has more of a gray matte finish.


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Brass isn't magnetic, but stainless can be depends-there are four kinds-three are magnetic and one isn't. Has to do with it's crystalline structure.