What is the next generation of bar songs? Mustang Sally of tomorrow?

Devils Haircut

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Seems some songs from the 80's have already edged into that "standards" list..

...like White Wedding from Billy Idol

If you are a wedding band, that is a standard...has been since its release almost...

Maybe standards are not determined by age?

Anyone have an example of a standard that is from the last 10 years?
Cupid Shuffle has become a standard... How old is that? I would guess no more than 10 years.

EDIT: It came out in 2007, and it is more of a standard at weddings, dances, ho-downs, hoot-n-a-hollers, and ice cream socials. Not so much live music venues.


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LOL - we play, and I sing, this song as well :)
I'm not surprised :)

Just thought of another - Hallelujah. That thing's been covered more times than Wimbledon. They even played it when the pope visited Sydney a while ago ... they obviously didn't pick up on the lyrics ...