What is the most high profile drum make?


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Although just as a side note, I'd never buy a DW kit. Good drums but those round lugs are just garish. My next kit will be a Ludwig.
I thought it was just me that thought that way! Haha... it still puts me off - plus I am not fond of their mounting system.

To get back to the thread, I guess DW seems to have the highest profile on the U.K with Yamaha pretty much level & Pearl somewhere behind. All these companies make fine drums so it's not an issue of product IMO. I play Yamaha and Sonor. Sonor are not very big in the U.K at all, which may be a surprise to U.S drummers. Ludwig kits are very rare here too.


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I wouldnt say that Pearl is in "serious decline" but they are not nearly as popular as they were in the late 80s to mid 90s.
But theyre definately hangin in there.
I'd say it's because MTV rarely plays videos anymore.

Getting their drums on MTV was what Pearl and Tama excelled at in 80's.


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I'd say it's because MTV rarely plays videos anymore.

Getting their drums on MTV was what Pearl and Tama excelled at in 80's.
Yeah your right, Pearl and Tama were the kits to have for the Rock/Metal acts as well as the R&B acts of the 80s and early 90s. I had myself a giant double bass Pearl BLX 9 pc myself.
I always found that even though Hip Hop/R&B and Rock/Metal were supposedly polar opposites, in reality they often mirrored each other in some ways like Gear, clothes and overall attitude.
I'm not including full on Glam in this statement. Glam was stupid and who cares about what their style was.
Not trying to change the subject, still on the high profile drum thing.

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Not to add an answer here, but the other reason Ludwig and Zildjian are so ensconced in the minds of humans everywhere is really because Ludwig was the original sole-provider of drums and percussion to the education market. I mean, up until the early '90s, chances are you played a Ludwig (or Slingerland) marching drum. Zildjian, I believe was being distributed by Ludwig for the educational markets as well, but in reality, Zildjian was the only game in town anyway!

They're like Fender and Gibson - iconic instruments of Americana. I think by the time the MTV age was upon us, Ludwig and Zildjian didn't really need the exposure, but at the time Ludwig was having a hard time keeping up with these new upstarts: Tama, Yamaha, and Pearl... But like Harley-Davidson, Ludwig just keeps chugging along despite a shrinking market. Their hey-day came and went, but they live on.

Had Camco been able to stay in business, there would be no DW. Or there would, but they wouldn't have the world-famous (infamous?) turret lug.


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Zil and ludwig I still think are highest profile with D.W. coming up close behind.D.W. has established a Cadillac aura around themselves,they are percieved as high quality worth the cost.Pearl seems to get their product on television programming aimed at kids,you see thier kits on the disney channel a lot,and on programs targeted at kids.Ludwig seems to be getting their kits in CMT videos a lot,in the last six years or so.D.W. was always good at getting their kits on T.V. I remember seeing them on the tonight show,Letterman,Conan Obrien etc all through the 90's.


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There are alot of people here talking about who used to dominate in the past (including me) but the bottom line is DW dominates now and I dont think there can be any doubt.

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"What do we think is the most prominent endorsed brand-"

The OP's question begs clarification. Does he mean the most prominent endorsed brand (a brand of outstanding quality ) that is endorsed?

Or does he mean the most prominently endorsed drums?

If it's the first one then my opinion would be Sonor, DW, Noble and Cooley, Paiste.

The second question would be Yamaha, DW, Pearl then Ludwig.

PS I may just be misunderstanding the English language (again!)


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I see more DW kits on TV and at big venues than just about any other brand these days. I've been seeing more custom appear kits over the bast 5 years or so though - like C&C etc...


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This question/ thought has come about since I was talking to a fellow co-worker yesterday while we were in a corporate training meeting.

Turns out his brother is a Pearl endorsee-

So I checked out the Pearl website and checked out the guys page etc and then I started to look around at the other endorsees.

Some very impressive musicians/ bands represented by Pearl.

This got me thinking about other companies- so I went on Yamaha and Gretsch and checked out their artists.

So it got into my head- as all this endorsement is basically to get us... Joe Public to buy their brand. What do we think is the most prominent endorsed brand- but also more importantly what brand has the most influential artists??

I found it tough to call- Pearl's site is nice because it shows the artist listed with their bands etc- the other 2 you have to go into the artists name to get that info.

I didnt do any math but it appeared to me that Yamaha has more featured artists- but do you feel another company is king in this area?
Ludwig - Ringo played them and every drummer has played on at least one Ludwig snare drum in his life. I didn't say that they were the best just the most recognized.




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My point was really which brands do we see out there the most- and then which of these have the most influential drummers sitting behind them.

I started this speaking about Pearl as that was the endorsee I was talking to.

I went to see the band James in Toronto on Thursday and incidentally their drummer was playing a Pearl. Nothing in that specifically- just funny as I remembered this thread.


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Come on Guys!!! Have you heard about marketting concepts!. I think nowadays we have to be carfeful in what to expect from a drum brand. The companys are so focused in making money that they have impacted in the product quality. I personally think that DW are overprice and have decrease in the quality of their drumsets. Their new product is based on Pacifc, a under quality drum set, just to offer a middle price drumset to hit he market spot that was taking over other companies. Some people say that to have a good DW set you have to buy a used one 5 years old, just to make sure that the quality is the right one. On the other hand I see Yamaha spending tons of money in development a new top quality set as the Phoenix that a lot of people are evaluating as the greatest sound ever. However I think that they are way way to expensive thou. I think that If you ask me I think that the company that at this moment is focused in building a super high top drumset is YAMAHA. Another truth is that all top drumset sounds great, and at the end it comes in just a matter or what company you like better.


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From my point of view, for many years I've always seen DW as the "highest-end" kit, the most professional, the most expensive and the best built.

BUT, being a rock-fan, the brand that got most of my attention was always TAMA. It stuck in my mind as the essential "rock-loudest-most badass-strongest" drumset.

I mean, from an exclusively ROCK perspective, think of the 80's, well, you have Metallica and Lars Ulrich with his trend-setting doubled bass TAMA kit.

Then came the 90's and along came Nirvana, with Mr. Dave Grohl (you wanted an influential drummer, there you have it) always playing his huge TAMA drums.

After that, for many years Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters kept using TAMA (now he uses Gretsch or DW). Also David Silvera from Korn.. System of a Down, etc.

So, my point is, if we talk about mainstream rock drummers, I think TAMA has the lead. They had the hardest-hitting, most heavy drummers of an era. IMO, these guys really made a great job positioning themselves as "the strongest name in drums".

Then In the 2000's, I think that the brand that got the highest level of mainstream attention is OCDP drums, with Travis Barker and a trillion of pop-punk-emo-style bands playing them.

Anyway, I may be wrong, but that's my impression.


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Good point. We all have to evaluate what type of music is what we are interesting and the player roaster endorsed by each brand. As for me, modern jazz, Yamaha and Dave Weckl, Keith Carlock, Billy Cobhan are enough to make my choice.


Good point. We all have to evaluate what type of music is what we are interesting and the player roaster endorsed by each brand. As for me, modern jazz, Yamaha and Dave Weckl, Keith Carlock, Billy Cobhan are enough to make my choice.
I have never bought a drum kit just because someone else uses or endorses the same brand. I probably couldn't recite what 1% of the most well known players use, this includes the genres of music I know best.



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I totally agree with you, but the post is to choose a brand taking into consideration the roaster. I like Dream theater but that does not means that I will go and buy a monster kit to copy somebodies moves.