What Is The Best Product For Cleaning Cymbal Stands, Drum Racks, Hardware...


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Hi John,

What about WD-40 with soft cloths, or Turps (I think it's also called white spirits) with soft cloths?

For initial cleaning... Dawn and water. Soft cotton cloths. Meguiars, Mothers, Turtle Wax Chrome cleaners/polishers again with soft cotton cloths. I also use Never Dull, Blue Magic in the spray can and crème. I will top it off with a good wax... Mothers Carnauba works well.

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If the stands are not pitted but just have a little rust on them they make some chrome polish's that will clean them right up. Most hardware stores will have something or maybe even your local auto store will have a chrome polish.

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I use light passes of 0000 steel wool, followed by Flitz Polish. Great results. I would never use steel wool on a shell, however. For maintenance, I use a spray car polish, like a 'detail spray'. Always use a clean micro-fiber towel.