What is the avarage pay rate for a drum tech now?

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I was once a touring drum tech about 10 years ago,then got a better position on another tour as a carp and was paid well for such a simple job moved on to a stage manager position and got even more money.Now i've been offered a position back as a drum tech after a 4 year stint of being local and running my own business inorder to get off the road and stay home.Now the wife says take it and go back out on tour...so what would be a suggested pay rate per week for a low budget band opening on a major tour?I once made $700 then upto $900 doing drums then working carp I made $1800 as a stage manager I was making $2000 a week...lost and need help


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Touring pay is not often discussed for several reasons of which I won't go into, but I will offer you this...

Set a rate at which you will be happy with. Something you can live on, pay your bills, etc. You obviously know each band is different and can afford different things. If you are worried about out pricing yourself, then talk to the band. Be honest...

I used to tour for all different kinds of amounts. Now, things are different and I have a minimum just to walk out of the house.. things change.

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I'd be more concerned about my wife wanting me to head out on the road, sorry but that sounds kinda weird!!!
I pay my drum tech zippo, cause there is none. It's me, hahaha!!! When I was young and strong I had a road crew and spent plenty on crew and sound now that I'm old and bent I do it myself hahaha!!! Well I'm not working 275 to 290 dates a year anymore, I actually work about 30 a year now, time goes by quickly. Doc

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Not sure what the answer is to the OP, but what's even more baffling is why touring pay is not discussed more. Folks will discuss the smallest of details when it comes to shells, hardware and heads and yet it seems almost taboo to discuss money.

Is that an American hangup or just bad etiquette?


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Discussing money is just bad etiquette, and more importantly, nobody's business (unless it's in negotiations with the person paying the salary.) Sometimes it's downright funny to talk about what one makes on a particular gig, like me hosting a jam for $10. But real salaries are best kept discreet in public places like this.

There are a few reasons.

Salaries in entertainment vary widely. One person's salary for a job has little bearing on what another person doing the same job for someone else would make. So there's an accuracy factor at stake when talking about what one person makes. There's no 'scale' for traveling techs. While there's union scale for players, it's not very much money, varies by the particular local, and there just aren't many union dates anyway. So the info may be accurate for L.A. members, but it doesn't necessarily apply elsewhere. I could quote L.A. Local 47's rates, but it really wouldn't be helpful if you're doing a union date in Colorado Springs, for example.

And, people's perceptions of what musicians and techs make also varies, and is very subjective. If I divulged what I make on the road, the responses would range from "that little?" to "that much?" In other words, while the info might be interesting, it would be useless in terms of guaging what a musician might make with a given artist.

Obviously, salaries will also vary depending on the revenue generated by the artist, and how generous they are with their payroll. It's completely subjective, there are no rules, standards, or guidelines. The person paying makes up a number, and the person applying can say yes, or no.

A few musicians don't seem to mind telling what they make, I guess that's their call. Same with some people in regular jobs. But I bristle a bit when I hear someone say what they make. I mean, minimum wage gigs are one thing, we all know the range for most hourly wages. But above a certain level, it's just not a topic for discussion, whether in a forum, or in person.


PS: I realize that the OP mentioned some figures, and that's his prerogative to do so. I don't feel it would be proper to comment on them, which is my prerogative.
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