What is something cute a drummer does that isn't cute when a guitarist does it?

Hollywood Jim

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Last week we were playing a slow blues song. There was a four beat rest during the song.
During the rest I got up off my throne, and ran around in front of the band and then around to the other side of my drums and got back on my throne just in time to come back in after the rest. Darn, wish I had a video of that move.



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We pull out our big sticks to noodle with and guitarist just have itty bitty picks. They got riffs we got rhythm. So a drummer with big sticks and rhythm is way more appealing/cuter than a guitarist riffing with an itty bitty pick.


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Forgetting a song, starting the wrong song, and my favorite (for singing guitarists) announcing the name of a song then starting a different one.


"Uncle Larry"
I don't know man, I love your wacky topics in a big way, but drumming and cute don't seem like they belong in the same sentence. Unless you're a female drummer. I like Meytal Cohen's great smile. That's cute. It's OK for a woman to say a male drummer is cute, but it feels creepy saying that Alex Van Halen for instance makes cute faces when he plays. I don't really think that Alex Van Halen makes cute faces when he plays, I just used him as an example of someone who isn't cute at all.

Also, by definition, if something is cute, does it really matter who provided said cuteness? I'm getting the feeling that this thread is a passive aggressive swipe at guitarists.

Is there anything you want to say to the guitarists in the audience?


When drummers laugh while they’re playing, it’s cute — the physicality of the instrument just looks fun. Guitarists laughing while playing is not cute — I get the feeling there’s an inside joke I’m not a part of, almost like a smugness.