What is one thing you HAVE to have on your kit?

For me, it has to be a second-floor tom! I mostly play Gospel music, and I always have the most fun with a second-floor tom to the point where its mandatory for my kit to have one! :)
Two-floor toms!


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For me it’s a draw...cowbell and splash cymbal.
For my family...Evans drum mutes are a must have on my kit.


"Uncle Larry"
Kick snare hat. Ooops that's 3.

I don't have to have anything other than the basics, but it sure is nice.

After that would be a ride, then a crash, 3 toms, then 2 cowbells, a 10" splash, a drumset mounted tambourine, and a timbale flown from my hi hat.

That's my biggest gig setup, what I use on a gig that plays a variety of styles.


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Apart from the obvious (sticks, throne, kick, snare, hihat, ride/crash), there's very little I absolutely need to have. I do struggle if I don't have at least one rack tom and one floor tom though - I'm definitely not cool enough to comfortably pull off the "no toms" kit.


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I've played many gigs with kick, snare, hats, ride. That's my absolute minimum, and I enjoy the creativity it forces me to have.