What is Lightest Drum Kit Available

Alain Rieder

Silver Member
Here is the new Yamaha Stage Custom Hip set, which looks interesting:

Starting with a 20”x8” bass drum which Yamaha says offers “a deep tonal low end as well as smaller footprint”.
Next up is a 13”x8” floor tom, which doubles as a snare drum - perfect if you’re in need of two snares for some songs but still want to carry a minimal setup to your gig. The kit is completed by a 10”x5” rack tom and a 13”x5” snare.



I just took in my new pearl midtown kit ($600 shipped with the bag set, all brand new, from DCP!) and I am blown away. The fit & finish are fantastic and though the shells are very small and lightweight they are very capable of higher volumes. I've owned many kits in my almost 20 years of playing and this is one of my favorites.