What is a good drummer


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Back when I was active in bands in the 80's and 90's, a "good drummer" was considered to be one that could serve the songs as well as possible without trying to show off, which most of the time is not what is best for the song. At one point I was sought out to play with a "modern rock" band in the late 80's and what they wanted from me was to play as close as possible to the drum tracks they programmed on a drum machine when writing the songs. The whole idea was they needed a drummer who could lock down the groove live on drum parts that I had to put effort towards keeping as simple as possible compared to my other band that was writing songs that required "busier" (by comparison) parts.

Simply put and as stated already, one definition of a "good drummer" is one that can deliver what is best for a wide variety of styles without showing off or getting in the way.

Matty D

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There's only one type of good drummer:

The most hard-hitting, huge kit having, double bass pedaling, drumming shoe wearing, finger-less glove sporting, 28-inch bass drum loving, root'n-est toot'n-est drummer you can find.

You also forgot the mandatory gong!

What is "good" can be different things in different situations. A baseline for me is a good sense of time, a solid grasp on fundamentals, and an understanding of the right drum style for the situation.

As much as it could be fun to watch, the best Norwegian death metal drummer is probably not a "good" drummer for a local jazz club gig.