What heads do I want?

Liebe zeit

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I got a Sonor Force 2007 a couple of months ago, a bargain that was hardly used by the seller who'd only had it a few months.

It's still got the factory (Remo UX) heads on. The heads are clear 1-ply on the toms and bass, a coated one on the snare, all probably equivalent to Ambassadors.

I like the sound - it's round and coloured and sustain-y, but I reckon they'll sound even better with new, quality heads.

So, what do I want? I've probably answered my own question already and that'd be Ambassadors. Thoughts anyone?

Also, it's a good idea to change the reso heads too isn't it?

I haven't been drumming long and am still to find 'my style' but am playing mostly funk, blues and drum and bass right now.

triple circle

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congrats on the new kit! i would say you are on the right track with coated ambassadors on top and maybe clear ambass,or clear diplomats on resos,with a eq4 for the bass batter and a emad or eq3 for bass drum reso