What has been your best drum score?


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Finding a brand new matching 8" tom for my kit almost 10 years after they stopped making them was probably my best score.


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Also picked up this beauty fro a little over 200 bones

Great sounding snare.............normally I see the priced around $500


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“Score”: getting the puck in the net
“Score”: a fun night with a groupie
“Score”: level of accomplishment
“Score”: make a gouge in something e.g. wood
“Score”: a confusing label for a thread on a drum forum


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My Tama Imperialstar King Beat 6.5x14 seamless for $70.00.

I had a guy give me a Paiste 18" Signature Power Crash, and a Paiste 17" Signature Full crash in exchange for two used and beat up Zildjian cymbals ( 16" K dark and 17" A thin both in pretty beat condition).

Sonor Safari Sonic Plus II ( Made in Germany) kit, wit all hardware and pedal, plus a Gretsch 5.5x14 Full Range maple snare with die-cast hoops for $250. I've seen the Gretsch snare go for $250 by itself.