What Happened To Drum Channel??


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I used to go to DrumChannel all the time to watch some amazing drum jams and interviews but a while back it said the site was under construction. Now I went on today and I can't find any trace of the interviews/jams. Only DVD's for sale. Am I missing something obvious or did we just lose the web's second best drumming website?



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I'm on their mailing list.

From their last email blast:

The Drum Channel site is under major construction. We will be back next week with our new storefront, offering the best drumming DVDs available and debuting new DC-DVDs each month. They will include new releases by Stephen Perkins, Mike Portnoy, Terry Bozzio, Neil Peart, Efrain Toro, Colin Bailey, Jimmy Cobb, and many others. Within a few weeks, we will again be offering our Master Classes for new students and current subscribers. We apologize for the inconvenience, but in order to continue the Drum Channel dream we need to rebuild the site over the next months taking advantage of today’s latest technology.

We’ll be posting new clips on YouTube almost daily as we continue to capture the best drummers in the world on video while we are working on the site.
Sounds like it will be back after a make over.