What First Inspired You

The Big Beat

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I wanna know what first inspired everyone to become a drummer
for me, it was two things
1. Watching John Bonham play Moby Dick on Song Remains The Same
2. Wanting to hit things


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The Beatles. Then Cream. Then Led Zeppelin. Then Yes. Then Genesis and King Crimson and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer and Gentle Giant. Then Jazz.


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Grunge. The music of the 80s is what I grew up listening to, but when the 90s came around, it was powerful for me. Still is...


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Seeing Stewart Copeland playing for The Police live in 1982 on the Ghost In The Machine tour. That did it....that was the moment for me.


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Watching my Dad play. Listening to jazz on the radio in his car on Saturday mornings. Hearing Steve Gadd on Chuck Mangione's Tarantella.


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See when you start drumming 3rd grade cause your mom insisted you have an extra curricular activity, i was never really inspired to start playing. although as i got better, something did first inspire me to become the best that i can be, and that was godsmack and shannon larkin, their drummer.


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The Beatles. Then Cream. Then Led Zeppelin. Then Yes. Then Genesis and King Crimson and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer and Gentle Giant. Then Jazz.
This sounds a lot like my list!!! But it was the old folk guitar that my parents got me that convinced me that I wanted to be a drummer...turning that baby over and tapping away to that glorious sound it made HOOKED me...the heck with strumming I wanted to play the drums!


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Funnily enough it was probably Korn, or something. I can remember what inspired me to get properly involved in music, which was the bassline (and bass sound) on the song S.I.D. by Papa Roach, off the album lovehatetragedy. God, what a stupid name for an album. I guess that was a clue as to the direction they were going in. Mind you, it's not a bad album at all. Drums are good as well.

I wonder if, one day, a Nu Metal band will be defined as a band of really talented and interesting musicians fronted by a mind-bogglingly irritating and self-centred vocalist. It seems to have almost been an entry requirement for the genre.


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The drums found me! At the time of starting the drums I didn't know of ANY drummers! I just loved hitting these things, something about playing a beat just lured me into it. I was soon in a band not so long after starting doing some Muse tracks, so definately Dominic Howard had a big impact on my playing.


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I listened to AC/DC back in black for the first time when i was probably 5 or 6 years old and i found myself kinda paying close attention to the drums and from then on drums were what i wanted to play.
The beat...The beat...The beat...

Watching on TV, Bill Ward playing drums on War Pigs and Ian Paice kicking The Mule solo. I was inspired and motivated since then...

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Listening to:

Michael Shrieve
play Soul Sacrifice

Doug Clifford ( CCR ) play Lodi

Ian Paice play Highway Star

John Bonham
play Immigrant Song

Don Brewer play Foot Stompin' Music

Steve Gadd play Nitesprite

Billy Cobham
play Stratus

Lenny White play Sorceress

Harvey Mason
play Chameleon

Mike Clark
play Actual proof

Berhard Purdie play Babylon Sisters

Elvin Jones play Body & Soul

Billy Higgins play Avalon

Tony Williams
play Sister Cheryl

Jack De Johnette
play Peace Time

Paul Motian
play with Bill Frisell

Dennis Chambers play Otay

VInnie Colauita ( Karizma ) play E minor Shuffle

Bill Stewart play Chicken

Cliff Almond play Chicken

Dave DiCenso play Medicine


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I heard Gene Krupa play Sing, Sing, Sing on a 78 RPM recording of Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall. The recording was my father's; the year was 1968...



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Danny Carey - Tool
Josh Freese - APC
Jose Pasillas - Incubus
Abe Cunningham - Deftones

These were the main guys that got me inspired to play drums.


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Neil Peart made me want to pick up the drums.

Keith Moon on "Live at Leeds" made me want to devote my life to playing drums.


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It was first Johnny Marr, guitarist of The Smiths, who got me into music. Then it all went up from there. The drummer that first inspired me was Larry Mullen Jr.