What famous drummer would you like to hear play YOUR drum set?


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Feel free to post a pic of your current set up and state which drummer(s) you would like to hear play it.

Ludwig Classic maple 20 x 14"kick
Ludwig Classic maple 14 x 14 floor
Pearl MCX 14 x 5.5 snare
20" Heartbeat custom dry ride
20" Heartbeat studio crash
15" Heartbeat studio hats

I'd like to hear Thomas Lang play my little 3-piece set-up just to see how creative he would get with it.



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Not so much a specific drummer for my kit, but I'm always interested in seeing drummers at kits bigger or smaller than they normally play. Like a person who plays a 4 piece sit down at a 9 piece and vice versa -and seeing how they interpret songs they're known for on this different setup. Granted, a 4 piece player can just ignore the other 5 on a 9, but here's hoping he/she wouldn't do that.

Hollywood Jim

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PorkPieGuy, you have too much time on your hands. You have been coming up with some interesting questions. LOL

I'd like to take Dave Weckl or Vinnie Colaiuta to a couple of open mic jams here in town. Put a beard on them and don't tell anybody who they are. Then see if anybody notices that an exceptional drummer is playing. I'll bet nobody notices. Guitar players, harp players, keyboard players, sax players soloing and soloing. Drummers don't get solos.


Jeremy Bender

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If the Cosmos would allow it... I'd love to hear Steve Ferrone, Mr. Gadd, or Peter Erskine play the Yamaha 4 piece kit in my Avatar.
Then I'm certain I'd be convinced it's not the drums, it's the drummer. They'e perfectly good, I don't neeed to sell them.
I should try to keep them for life and work on becoming a better musician.

Rock Salad

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I would really like to hear a good acoustic trio drummer on my kit and stand next to them. I really want to get the ballance right.
PPG, that is probably the smoothest kit I've seen here. Love it, do you have a bell or a block on it?

Bo Eder

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I guess I was a little lucky. I had Pro Drum build me a 16x24 bass drum, but they made me come down and put it back together (put all the hardware back on after it was drilled - talk about no respect!). I'm occupying a little corner of the store on the floor just finishing up getting the heads on and Carlos Vega (this is how long it's been) comes up to me and says "That's a really nice bass drum, is that yours?" I say yeah and I put a pedal on it, he grabs a throne and proceeds to play on it for a while demonstrating some awesome one-foot technique. After he's done I tell him, "I hope it sounds that good when I play it" and he just smiles and tells me I'll be fine. Very cool moment.