What famous drum or drum set would you like to play in person?


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Ringo's Ed Sullivan kit

Pearts kit used at the end. I don't know if I'd really want to play it, but to sit behind it and imagine

Bozzio's kit, same as the Peart kit.

Honestly, I don't know what the heck I'd do on either of those kits, probably just play the money beat with a stupid grin on my face
Had a friend that bought a Peart Tama kit ,exact clone.
Sat behind it and hated it.
Too much going on and the over sized toms were like hitting pillows.


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for me, it would be these three;

Neil's Moving Pictures kit, actually at LeStudio, which, to me, was the coolest studio setting ever. So sad that it is gone...

then, Joe Morello's classic Ludwig kit

and finally, Tyler Stewarts kit from back in the early 90's, that looked much like this

I am still actually seeking an Ayotte set exactly like this...


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I would love to take a spin on Carter Beauford's Kit - it was just such an influential sound and he was such a big force in my formative years that it would be a blast....I doubt I could do much with it - but it would be fun.

Weckl's Back to Basics rig...that was like what a drumset should sound like to me for a long time- still kind of is.

Stewart Copeland's Kit - just to see if sounds as good from the driver's seat as it did live or on recordings.

Antonio Sanchez's kit on Speaking of Now live.

....lots of Yamaha sets in there haha - I guess some habits die hard.



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John Bonham's Green sparkle kit at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. I had to drag myself away to keep from pounding on it. It would have been worth getting kick out or even banned for life!