What famous drum or drum set would you like to play in person?


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I have 4:
Buddy Rich's Slingerlands
Neil Peart's white Ludwigs from a Show of Hands tour
Lars Ulrich's Tama Artstars from the Justice tour
John Bonham's Vistalites. To hear that 26-incher boom would just make my heart explode.
I have a few....

Nicko McBrains legacy of the beast kit
Peart’s snakes and arrows kit
Ulrich’s Grey and Black Justice kit
Van Halen’s Black n’ White striped kit
Simon Phillips’ Red Mahogany Star Kit


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Jack DeJohnette´s Sonor/Paiste kit from the 1979 Album "New Directions in Europe". I adored that sound, my model for years to come.

Also, any of Paul Motian´s kits. I´d really like to know how I sound on one of these. Completely different, I´m sure.


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For me it would be John Bonham's kit he used to record Zeppelin 4, particularly "When the levee breaks". That's pretty much the epitome of a rock drum sound, would love to hear how it actually sounded acoustically.