What famous drum or drum set would you like to play in person?


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I have 4:
Buddy Rich's Slingerlands
Neil Peart's white Ludwigs from a Show of Hands tour
Lars Ulrich's Tama Artstars from the Justice tour
John Bonham's Vistalites. To hear that 26-incher boom would just make my heart explode.


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I have a few....

Nicko McBrains legacy of the beast kit
Peart’s snakes and arrows kit
Ulrich’s Grey and Black Justice kit
Van Halen’s Black n’ White striped kit
Simon Phillips’ Red Mahogany Star Kit


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Jack DeJohnette´s Sonor/Paiste kit from the 1979 Album "New Directions in Europe". I adored that sound, my model for years to come.


Also, any of Paul Motian´s kits. I´d really like to know how I sound on one of these. Completely different, I´m sure.


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For me it would be John Bonham's kit he used to record Zeppelin 4, particularly "When the levee breaks". That's pretty much the epitome of a rock drum sound, would love to hear how it actually sounded acoustically.


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Billy Cobhams Fibes Cyrstalite and Tony Williams yellow Gretsch.

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I want to try Bonham's GONG!

It would be cool to hear what Kenny Clarke's kit sounded like from the driver's seat. That would be super helpful to me.
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It's hard for me to get all starry eyed over someone else's drums. Having Guru drums will do that to a person. I'm not a fanboy of any particular drummer either. They're all amazing. I never coveted someone else's kit, ever. I always wanted my own kit to covet.

That said, like Anduin, I'd like to play a Bozzio type kit once before I die.

Just for the sheer "over the topness" of it all.

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Two kits—-

1. Carey’s cast brass kit, although I would NOT like to be his drum tech or roadie. Those kicks must weigh 100 pounds. Talk about back problems...

2. Any Guru walnut segmented or stave kit. I have a stave walnut kit that I love the sound of, and I imagine the extra-thin shells and Guru bearing edges would enhance the sound experience of walnut even more.


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There's this really amazing, famous drummer called Ben. Apparently he's a member of a drummer forum with the username benthedrummer.

He plays a white, ugly as sin Remo Acousticon kit..........man, I'd love to have that kit!

But seriously, I've never really developed a fascination for someone else's weapon of mass groove......until I came across Pat Torpey.

So maybe his TAMA Artstar?

I really do love that thing.

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Also, any GURU or cheap low end finish ply kit...they all sound the same

Granted, through a soundboard the uniqueness of any kit is going to be lost. Plus the presence of any amped instrument like bass/guitar/etc. is going to hide the sound too. Or just any really dense sound environment will, really.


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Bonham's Thermogloss
Tony Williams 'Four and More' Gretsch
Jim Gordon's Camco
Hal Blaine's Blue Sparkle
Ginger Baker's Ludwig Cream setup

It's more about the 'mystique' of who once sat behind the kit, than the kit itself.