What famous drum or drum set would you like to play in person?


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Are there any famous drums or maybe just a snare you'd love to play in person? This is not necessarily to own, but just to try out.

Here is my list:

Whatever snare Chad Sexton used on 311's self-titled (according to the internet, it could be a OCDP vented, OCDP unvented, Brady, Pearl free-float, or an OCDP shell with free-floating hardware. In any case, I'd like to play it just one time).

The set that Jeremy Taggart recorded on the OLP's Clumsy album.

Any of Carter Beauford's kits.

Ringo's Ed Sullivan kit

The snare the Jeff Pocaro used on Toto IV.

Eric Carr's "Crazy Nights" drum set

Abe Laboriel Jr.'s big kick and toms kit he uses with Paul McCartney

I'm sure I could go on, but I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks.


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Cozy Powell's chrome double bass Yamaha kit.
Despite being neither a huge Cozy fan or double bass player, he was omnipresent in so many bands as I was growing up and there's just something sad to me about the thought of his kit just sitting quiet!


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I never got to play or own a Guru snare or drum kit. So my bucket list is chips now. It's my own fault-I almost pulled the trigger with saved up funds but anyways my loss. I do have 13 in ovangkol hoops that now just remind me of my loss-sadly.

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Back in '96, I went to the Kiss Convention with 2 buddies. We got a picture (my drummer bro and me) in front of Peter Criss' Disco Ball/mirrored drumset. Was absolutely the first drummer's name I knew at age 4/5. . .even before Animal, lol. Peart's setup during Moving Pictures and Exit Stage Left would be interesting too.

Also, Ric Allen's first kit after his accident. Innovative


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Roger Taylor's 1976/77 Day At The Races kit, 6, 8, 10 & 12 concert toms, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, & 20 regular toms and a 26" bass drum. I believe he used a 14x6.5 Black Beauty for the '77 leg. And a mix and match set of Zildjians and Paistes, including a 60" symphonic gong. I'd probably freeze behind it.57958262-B986-4385-805D-C7EA9AB88EDC.jpeg


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Wow all the metal drums you'd think this was a metal thread. I wonder how those beauts would work as a 4 piece LOL.

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I'd love to try out Ric Allen's post-accident drum set (any of them) through their professional PA system. I'll be it's amazing...and I don't even like eDrums.
I basically feel that way as well. But, yes, I would still like to sit behind his kits. Definitely

Danny Carey's latest kit with the shells constructed from melted down Paiste cymbals:

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I dig Danny's kits for sure! He does some interesting stuff. . .uses giant roto toms--especially in recordings I think.


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The Pearl CZX/Z Custom kit used on Death's Symbolic album.
Lars' big white kit, because it just looks so uncomfortable. I'm 6'4" so the extreme tom angles the way he set it up would be entertaining.
I'd also like to play Danny Careys kit, I just wouldn't want to move it. If it's similar to the one he use to use, I read somewhere a kick weights around 150+ pounds. Who knew making drums out of Paiste cymbals would be so heavy.
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Steve Smith's Journey kit. It's 2 beech kicks w/ maple toms. I'll bring my own Sonor Phonic Reissue beech snare. ;)


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I share some with y'all, and some not. These were kits from bands before or when I was first learning drumming.

Steve Smith's Journey kits from the 80's. The first real drummer I was obsessed with. Saw them in 81 or 82. Mind blown, knew from that point on I for sure wanted to be a drummer.

Lars' big white kit. I was only a year or so in when the Black album came out, so that kit was epic at the time.

Nick Mensa's Countdown kit. Having 3 up to me was what I wanted, and his big, giant, chrome 8 piece with the custom rack did it for me. I like the RIP kit also.

Any of Dave Lombardo's 11 piece kits he used in Slayer. 6 up, holy crap. I really can't fathom that. That is something to experience I'm sure.

And finally, Charlie Benante. Anthrax was probably the first metal band I really got into. My cousin had the "I'm the Man" album. He played it for me and I was hooked. Anthrax opened the door. Playing Charlie's kit, for me, would be like driving Dale Earnhardt's racecar for die hard NASCAR fans. It would be epic.

Oh yeah, I got one more. Uncle Larry's Guru kit. The ultimate set of drums from what I hear and have heard in videos. I think Uncle Larry is closest to me distance wise. If I ever make it back to the east coast, I'm gonna hunt you down Uncle Larry!