What DRUMMER has the most success / notability as the songwriter?


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What about, out of left field...John Densmore. While we know Morrison wrote all the lyrics, I can't help but think John was heavily involved in arrangements, he cut his teeth on jazz and Elvin. The Doors had many successful songs, and admirably shared credit for ALL songs. Til this day John still won't sell them out.


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Ringo has sold more records than anyone on this list. Sure, he only wrote a small fraction of the songs, but still, his songs are on those albums.


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Terry Bozzio did co-songwriting on Missing Persons songs. I like many of the songs. I don’t know the extent of his contribution though.

I mention Bozzio because I like Missing Persons songs more than the songs listed by others above. 😉

Jeff Almeyda

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Don Henley


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Eh, I'm pretty sure Phil Collins has outsold Ringo's solo career plus the White Album and Abbey Road.
Perhaps. And while you're correct those are the only two Beatles albums where Ringo received a sole writing credit, Ringo has co-writing credits on “Dig It” from Let It Be and “Flying” from Magical Mystery Tour; “What Goes On” from Rubber Soul.

Which likely puts Ringo ahead.

But Phil, of course, certainly has written way, way more hit songs. So it comes down to how to you want to define "most successful", Ringo for selling a lot of a few songs, or Phil for writing way more hits? Either way is a perfectly valid argument.