What Drum Moments Give You the Chills

Almost anything played by Steve Jansen, a good example being the very sombre, hypnotic part on David Sylvian's 'Before the Bullfight':

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehyYa2bMfwg (original studio version, 1986)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXvOdLyFko0 (2007 live version, not sure about audio qualilty)

Another one (just because I happened to listen to the song for the first time in years yesterday!) is Stewart Copeland's tiny intro to 'Red Rain' by Peter Gabriel - best bar of hi-hat ever recorded! :)


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I have had songs take me back to memories of things that the song reminded me of but chills? That's so Dr. Phil. or Oprah
There is this one You Tube video out there of something like a PASIC show or Modern Drummer festival and it opens up with Dave Weckl soloing for a few bars and just blowing through all these notes. Then it's Vinny Colaiuta's turn and he wails through a bunch of notes too during his bars. Now we all know that these guys are both of world class drummers but the drummer in the middle, Steve Gadd, went last and when he played I got the chills. I was watching on a public bus in DC and I was trying to hide my silly grin, like I was some crazy guy.

He didn't blow through a million notes. He simply began by doing some rudimental-oriented drum licks in a grooving sort of way and then moved to his "Late in the Evening" pattern and the fricken crowd, which had been respectful and enthusiastic for the two previous drummers, broke out into a roar, and then the other two drummers joined in. Watching that was something else and it just goes to show you how truly gifted Steve Gadd is at what he does. And that is by no means meant to take away from Mr. Weckl or Colauita.


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Hockeylifer, I bought that VHS tape with Weckl, Colaiuta and Gadd when it came out in 1989 or 1990 and I got chills from the same thing.

Here are a few others:

Elvin Jones on Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise from Larry Young's Unity album. In particular, the part where Elvin switches from brushes to sticks. There's so much tension and drama there for me. It's not what he plays so much as the anticipation that that this tune is gonna start burning. And it sure does!

Tony Williams on Eighty-One, from Miles Davis' E.S.P. There's one particular moment during Wayne's tenor solo between the 4:00 and 4:03 mark. Nothing remotely technically difficult, but a simple yet unexpected musical phrase that always puts a smile on my phase.

Neil Peart on Tom Sawyer, from Rush's Moving Pictures. When I first heard Neil doing the drum breaks on that tune when I was a kid, I was never the same. I HAD to get some of that in my own playing.

Max Roach on St. Thomas, from Sonny Rollin's Saxophone Colossus. Max's solo on that piece is something I've probably listened to over a thousand times. So musical, so melodic, so perfect. That's how a drum solo is constructed.

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The legendary Ronnie Tutt's thundering intro to Elvis's, "See See Rider" from April 9, 1972 always gets me going:


And here's part of that video of Weckl, Gadd & Vinny Colaiuta from the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert in 1990:


Actually, I think that this might be the correct one:


Oh! I forgot this guy: MICK FLEETWOOD during the beginning of FM's "The Chain". Literally sends shivers down my back:


One more guy that I like what he does is the drummer for the Eagles when Henley's not behind the kit, Scott Crago. I'm not sure if he's ever been profiled here, has he? It's not so much as that he gives me chills when he plays, he's just a fun drummer to watch because he really seems to enjoy what he does.
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