What double pedal to buy???


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Hello, I'm going to be in the market (hopefully soon) to buy a new double pedal, I do like the Pearl I have although I find it difficult to get both pedals the same slack. (if that makes sense). Now in buying a new double i don't want to break the bank but also don't want something too cheap as it will have to last a long time. I like the dw 9000, played with them very little and got a great feel from them. This is on the list so far, any of you have any recommendations?


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9000 is a great pedal. Look at the Pearl Eliminators, Iron Cobra, Yamaha Flying Dragon, Axis if your budget allows. All excellent pedals yet all have their own feel. Try getting your feet on them for as long as you can and really give them a test drive to see which ones feel best to you.


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REad the other 40 pages of pedals and reviews here on this site and you will get all of the opinions you need.


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Ya, thanks, I posted this then saw all of them, cheers!! Oh and thanks konaboy, cheers to you mate for responding..

No problem! I own a 9000 single and it's a great pedal no doubt! The amount of adjusting you can do to it to truly customize the feel is unreal. BUT what works for me may not work for you. One I'd love to get my feet on but no one around here ever has is the Yamaha Flying Dragon Direct Drive. I've read fantastic things about that pedal but never seen one in person :-( Lot's of guys on here using it that love it!