What double bass dvd is the best for a gift?


I am trying to find a double bass instruction dvd for my brother in law. He is into Slayer and heavier double bass stuff but I don't know what to get him. He has been paying drums for 4 years and he just got a DW5000 double pedal. Actually it's the same one I have. I told him to practice rudiments but I also know the value of seeing someone playing as well. Any suggestions here? Thanks


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I still like "Double Bass Drumming" By Joe Franco

But it was made well before the current extreme metal movement, so the exercises don't show blazing speed as much as it does control, and 1,001 variations on beats and fills.

But if the drummer in question is new to double bass, this might be a better way to introduce the subject.


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Hey man, Thomas Lang Creative control and advanced foot technique. Brilliant dvd. However it is for advanced players but I got it when I first started to learn double pedal and it has really helped with my playing. Beginner or not I would recommend this dvd. Just watch him play and see if you can copy the technique he is using. Hope this helps.